Digital Knowledge Manager skills in Marketing

Abstract: DKMs use all the data a company has to determine what data it needs to solve problems and drive strategy.

The advent of today’s new intelligent services (Google Assistant/Home, Cortana, Siri and others) has created an accelerated curve. Google, Bing, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon and other increasingly intelligent services are driving a good deal of change, with more expected in the future.

This evolution needn’t be scary for search-engine optimization (SEO) managers, brand managers, social media managers or chief marketing officers. It’s actually an exciting opportunity that creates career options for those willing to take on new responsibilities.

In fact, today’s world of structured data needs professionals to provide context for maps, info cards and specific answers. Customers and companies alike increasingly demand the most accurate data from the most authoritative sources. After all, how can an intelligent service be intelligent if it’s wrong?

Companies are responding with a new role: Digital Knowledge Manager. Think of “manager” here as an action, not a title. Real-life examples include Sam Dresser, the Vice President of Knowledge Management and Engagement at School of Rock. Glenn May’s position at T-Mobile is called Senior Category Manager – Local Marketing. Other businesses actively are seeking to create similar positions. In a broad sense, these new roles focus on five skills: investigation, negotiation, communication, thought leadership and building.

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