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The Global Think-Tank for Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management (GO-TKM; official name: Global Think-Tank of Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management; working title: Global Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management Association), initiated by MentoringCo1), China, and registered in Belgium, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification Training/Courses

Accreditations for Individuals (Tacit Knowledge Professionals)

    Associate Certified Tacit Knowledge Manager (AC-TKM) – Level 1
    Professional Certified Tacit Knowledge Manager (PC-TKM) – Level 2
    Master Certified Tacit Knowledge Manager (MC-TKM) – Level 1

Faculty Accreditation

    Certified Faculty Of Tacit Knowledge Manager (CF-TKM)

Accreditation for Organizations

    Tacit Knowledge Management Quality Award (TKM-QA)


  • Global Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management Forum (GO-TKM Forum)*
      The Global Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management Forum (GO-TKM Forum) brins together leading tacit Knowledge Management experts and key opinion leaders. It aims to educate the public on the importance of tacit Knowledge Management, to share practical solutions for tacit Knowledge Management, and to create a global think-tank on this topic.


100 50 Webinars on Global Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management1)

    Mar 21, 2024: Capturing and Scaling Expert Knowledge with AI (#31)
    Mar 06, 2024: Dunning-Kruger Effect: Understanding & Overcoming Cognitive Incompetence (#30)
    Feb 29, 2024: The Value of Tacit Knowledge in Minds and Machines (#29)
    Jan 24, 2024: Harnessing Play to Unlock Tacit Knowledge (#28)

    Nov 07, 2023: Turn your notes into assets by exploring the magic system (#27)

    Jun 06, 2023: A Journey toward the Relationality of Tacit Knowledge: A Symphony (#26)

    May 18, 2023: TacitKM: You think you know what you know, but how do you know, and is it right? (#25)

    Apr 26, 2023: What I know about Tacit Knowledge (#24)
    Apr 17, 2023: What knowledge managers can learn about Tacit Knowledge Management (TKM) from outside the Knowledge Management (KM) field (#23)
    Apr 03, 2023: Tacit Knowledge as a multilayer phenomenon (#22)

    Mar 29, 2023: Mapping and managing tacit knowledge flows through informal networks and stories (#21)
    Mar 15, 2023: Narrative Strategies to Transform Tacit Knowledge into Critical Knowledge (#20)
    Mar 01, 2023: Tacit Knowledge Management or Tacit Knowledge Movement? (#19)

    Feb 21, 2023: Tacit Knowledge evolves through Becoming Adaptable (#18)
    Feb 13, 2023: How Knowledge Management (KM) Changed NASA’s Culture (#17)
    Feb 02, 2023: Radical Knowledge Management (KM): Accessing Tacit knowledge Through Creativity and Arts-based Interventions (#16)

    Dec 07, 2022: How Tacit Knowledge Extraction and Technology Integration can Improve Organizational Processes and Profits! (#15)

    Nov 29, 2022: Empowering Experts to Create Sustainable Business Impact (#14)
    Nov 23, 2022: Knowledge Navigation in Turbulent Times… Intangibles and Intellectual Capital Development Outlook (#13)
    Nov 16, 2022: Sharing Tacit Knowledge in the New Virtual World (#12)
    Nov 11, 2022: Facilitating Circularity of Tacit Knowledge in an Organisation (#11)

    Oct 31, 2022: Measuring Conversation’s Impact on Accountability, Innovation and Cohesion (#10)
    Oct 27, 2022: Managing Knowledge Yesterday and Today (#9)
    Oct 19, 2022: The Polanyian Theory of Tacit Knowledge, Implications for Knowledge Transfer (#8)
    Oct 12, 2022: Effective Knowledge Transfer Must Be Personalized (#7)

    Sep 15, 2022: Knowledge Retention (#6)
    Sep 01, 2022: Tacit Knowledge and Long Term Organizational Value: Measurement Challenges and Research Opportunities (#5)

    Aug 31, 2022: Retention & Transfer of Tacit Knowledge: Challenges & Case Studies (#4)

    Jul 26, 2022: Tacit Knowledge Transfer in Corporate Settings (#3)
    Jun 24, 2022: How to Put Knowledge on Your Balance Sheet (#2)
    Jun 07, 2022: Building sustainable organizations (#1)

Pre-conference Webinars: Special Warming-up Sessions (every 4-5 days)

    Sep 2023:
    Discover the Value & Impact of Tacit Knowledge Management (Sep 13)

European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) webinars

    Aug 2023: Corporate Mentoring with Tacit Knowledge Management (CM with TKM)


    Oct 28, 2022: Official Launch Meeting for Global Think-tank on TKM, online

GO-TKM meetings (monthly)

    Mar 2024, …, Apr 2023, Mar 2023, …, Nov 2022, …


  • Top 50 Most Influential People in TKM – Selected TKM Think Tank Fellow will be awarded
    • 2023 Winners:
      Prof. Ikujiro Nonaka, Japan
      Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University

    • 2022 Winners: CANCELLED
  • Green Learning Awards (GLA)
    • Global GLA awards, Individual Contribution
      • 2023: —
    • Global GLA awards, Operational Excellence
      • 2023: GE Vernova, PepsiCo
    • Global GLA awards, ESG (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance)
      • 2023: We Don’t Have Time
    • Global GLA awards, Innovation
      • 2023: Poços de Caldas Laboratory of the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission

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