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The Government of South Africa offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

National School of Government (NSG)


Knowledge Management Directorate

  • National School of Government (NSG) Knowledge Management Conference 2022, 23-24 June 2022, Pretoria, South Africa / Virtual venue
    Conference Theme: Re-imagining Knowledge Management Post COVID 19
    (Co-organizer: Knowledge Management South Africa; Supporter: European Union)


Knowledge Management and Library Unit

  • Oct 2016: Information and Knowledge Management Seminar

Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA)


  • 1st DPSA Public Service Knowledge Management Conference, 6 February 2020, DPSA, Pretoria, South Africa


  • Knowledge Management Seminar for Provincial Governments (2001, in partnership with the DoC)
  • Knowledge for Action Seminar (2001, in partnership with the DoC)


  • KM CoP 2021 Session, November 2021, Virtual venue
      Knowledge Management and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)
      Leadership And Governance In Knowledge Management
      How A Change Management Strategy Can Be Used To Drive Organisational Culture For Effective KM

      Breakaway sessions (3): Relationship between leadership, governance and effective KM

Site Visits

  • Feb/Mar 2008: Public service KM practitioners study tour to Canada

Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) > Policy Development, Research and Analysis Branch > Policy Oversight, Development and Knowledge Management Chief Directorate > Learning and Knowledge Management (LKM) Unit 1)


  • Learning and Knowledge Management (LKM) Learning Network*
      Understanding Knowledge Management in the public service context
      Knowledge Management Strategies and Application
      Entrenching and Institutionalising Knowledge Management
      Monitoring and Evaluation to assess impact of Knowledge Management


National/Public Sector Knowledge Management Forum

  • National Knowledge Management Forum, October 2020, Virtual venue
  • 2nd National Knowledge Management Forum, 12 September 2019, Hatfield (Pretoria), South Africa
  • Public Sector Knowledge Management Forum, 16 August 2018,

LKM Learning Network workshops

  • Knowledge Management Consultation Workshop, 2-3 November 2010, South Africa
      Program n.a.
  • Knowledge Management Workshop, 2 March 2009, Boksburg, South Africa
    Workshop Theme: Learning from each other to improve productivity

      Key learnings from the Cities Network
      Comments and questions
      Giving voice to departments
      Initial outcomes
  • Indaba (Meeting) on the Public Service as a Learning Organisation, 14-15 February 2008, Bloemfontein, South Africa
      Day Themes:
      Approaches in implementing Knowledge Management in private and public sectors (day 1); Finding ways to entrench Knowledge Management in the public service (day 2)

      Introducing Institute’s business portfolio and knowledge management thrust
      The case for knowledge management in the public service
      Getting the basics right in implementing knowledge management: the case for documentation and information management
      Towards a knowledge management framework for the public service
      Utilising knowledge management to support the centre of provincial government
      Introducing the CPSI Innovation Awards
      Towards establishing a vibrant Community of Practice for KM Practitioners in Government

      What Knowledge Management should do for the public service (panel discussion)
      Towards establishing a vibrant knowledge management community in the public sector (plenary discussion)

      Panel discussion responses:
      Academic/practitioner KM curriculum interface
      Knowledge Sharing for Collaboration: Introducing as a knowledge exchange tool
      Managing information and knowledge to improve development planning – the case of Mpumalanga Rural Development Programme

      Workshops: Knowledge management framework for the public service
      Defining and understanding Knowledge Management and its strategic value-add in the public service
      Strategies to implement Knowledge Management
      Capacity-building and technical assistance in Knowledge Management

  • Indaba (Meeting) on the Public Service as a Learning Organisation, 21-22 November 2006, Boksburg, South Africa
    Workshop Theme: Creating Time, Space and Culture of Learning and Sharing in Government

      Restating the Knowledge Management imperative in the public service
      Demystifying Knowledge Management
      Creating a learning public service: the Canadian experience
      Using Benchmarking for maximum knowledge sharing: the A UK Experience
      Knowledge Management for Development

      Panel discussions:
      Current Knowledge Management practices in SA public service

      Commission Breakaway Sessions/Discussions (Lead Cases):
      Understanding Knowledge Mnagement in the Public Service context (Knowledge management in Canada)
      Knowledge Management strategies and application (Knowledge management in Natural Resources Canada)
      Enthrenching and institutionalising Knowledge Management (Integrated Provincial Support Programme)
      Monitoring and evaluation to assess impact of knowledge management (Results from using benchmarking techniques to share knowledge)

  • Learning Champions Workshop, 11-12 March 2004, Muldersdrift
      Setting the scene – the framework for change in service delivery
      Creating effective individual & team performance
      Sustainable communities of practice: The UK experience (UK Public Sector Benchmarking Service)
      A Knowledge & Learning Organisation: How do we do it (A Development Bank of Southern Africa case Study)
      Knowledge Management in the public service: Towards a corporate framework
      More lessons from the UK
      Learning networks as knowledge sharing & exchange platforms in the public service

      Interactive Sessions:
      Simulation game of Knowledge sharing

      Group Breakaway Sessions: (3 Groups)

  • LKM Learning Network Launch, 21 February 2003, Midrand
      New Zealand Treasury – A practical experience
      Department of Health – The district health information management system as a knowledge management tool
      DPSA – Knowledge Management Initiatives
      Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology – National Initiatives on Information Management
      Department of Communications – Capacity building programmes on knowledge management

Government Information Technology Officers Council (GIOTTO)*


  • Knowledge and Information Management (KIM) Work Group/ Standing or Sub-Committee*


KIM Work Group Meetings

    Jul 2009: GITOC KIM Work Group meeting @ DPSA

    Mar 2004: Draft Discussion document: Developing a Government Knowledge and Information Management (KIM) Strategy

    Jan 2003: GITOC KIM Work Group established


  • Knowledge and Information Management Work Group Workshop and Conference, 19–20 November 2003

Department of Communications & Digital Technologies (DCDT)2) > Knowledge Management Development Intiative / Section / Unit*


  • Knowledge Management Seminar for National Government Departments (2000/1)
  • Knowledge Management Seminar for Provincial Governments (2001, in partnership with the DPSA)
  • Knowledge for Action Seminar (2001, in partnership with the DPSA)


South African eKnowledgeCentre

  • Certified Knowledge Management (CKM) capacity building programmes (to be launched in 2002)


  • Communities of Practice (Interest Groups):
    • National Government, Provincial Government, Local Government, Tertiary Education, Secondary Education, Trade Unions, Civic Organisations, NGOs, Youth Forums, Gender Forums, Rural Communities
    • Knowledge Management Society, Communications Portfolio Organizations, Professional bodies and Associations, SMMEs and Empowerment Companies, International, Business, Media, KM solutions vendors, Consultants, Other

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