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BetterWork Media Group (BMG), formerly Human Capital Media (HCM) and MediaTec Publishing, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Chief Learning Officer – CLO Media


  • Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Accelerator Program/Course (2 days 9 weeks online)


  • Chief Learning Officer Symposium (Spring / Fall)*
    (In conjunction with the CLO Learning in Practice Awards (in Fall, since 2004) and the CLO Learning Elite Awards (in Spring, since 2011) ceremonies)

      The biannual Chief Learning Officer Symposium (CLO Symposium) is a spring and fall event for corporate learning practitioners only. It brings together the corporate learning community for two and a half days of expert presentations, workshops and networking opportunities. The CLO Symposium represents Chief Learning Officer’s dedication to the growth and advancement of the learning industry.


CLO Breakfast Club
(until 2020: Spring and Fall event series with annual general topic in various US cities)

  • 2023 Webinars
      Jan 2024: Uniting Learner + Business Strategy for the Future
      Feb 2024: A Transformative, Skills-Based Approach to Talent Management
      Mar 2024: Tech Check: Getting Intentional With AI
      Apr 2024: Budgets & Bottom Lines for L&D Impact
      May 2024: Resilience Through Change: Talent Leaders as Change Agents
      Jun 2024: Charting Career Paths: Empowering People Through Internal Mobility
      Jul 2024: The Great Skills Journey: Upskilling & Reskilling at Scale
      Aug 2024: Using AI to Drive Equity and Diversity in High-Performing Teams
      Sep 2024: Being Mindful With Metrics
      Oct 2024: Seize This Pivotal Moment in Leadership Development Transformation
      Nov 2024: Reflections and Projections: A Chief Talent Officer Roundtable
      Dec 2024: From 2024 to the Future: A Chief Learning Officer Roundtable
  • 2023 Webinars
      Feb 2023: Collaboration Equity in a Hybrid World; A Marathon, Not a Sprint: Examining the DEI Journey
      Mar 2023: Owning the Leadership Role: Learning Leaders’ Expanding Skillsets
      Apr 2023: Building Great Leaders: The Manager’s Role in Employee Engagement; Journey to the Metaverse
      May 2023: Driven by Data: Accountability Measures for DEI Outcomes
      Jun 2023: Mobilizing Talent for the Future; A Blueprint for a Skills-Based L&D Strategy
      Jul 2023: Brick by Brick: Building a Coachability Culture
      Aug 2023: Tapping Into Untapped Talent; AI and Machine Learning in HR: Transforming Talent Management Strategies
      Sep 2023: A Little Less Talk, a Lot More Action: Sharing Actual Use Cases of AI in Simulation Learning; Navigating the Contemporary Learning Ecosystem
      Oct 2023: Differentiated Development: Rethinking Inclusion in Learning
      Nov 2023: The Modern Leadership Toolkit: Empathy With Accountability
      Dec 2023: Metrics Matter … Now, More Than Ever
  • 2022 Webinars
    • Dec 2022: Spark Your Learners’ Creativity
    • Nov 2022: The Key to Enterprise Agility: A Culture of Learning; From 2022 to Future-Ready; Onward and Upward! The Great Skills Revolution
    • Oct 2022: The Changing Face of Executive Education
    • Sep 2022: Soft Skills & the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • Aug 2022: Engaging Talent with Innovative Tech; Full Speed Ahead: Winning the Race for Top Talent
    • Jul 2022: Upskilling & Reskilling: What’s the ROI?; Supercharge Your Learning for the Future of Work
    • Jun 2022: Let’s Talk About the ‘B’ in DEIB
    • May 2022: Workforce Wellness in 2022; Digital Transformation of Learning: Learning by Doing, at a Distance
    • Apr 2022: Inspiring Learners’ Spirit of Inquiry
    • Mar 2022: Experiential Learning in a Hybrid World
    • Feb 2022: Fostering Talent Connection and Communication in Hybrid/Digital Workplaces
    • Jan 2022: The 21st Century Career Path
  • 2021 virtual series
    • Jun 2021: Resilience Through Crisis and Recovery
    • May 2021: Learning & Development: On the Front Lines
    • Apr 2021: Accelerating at the Speed of Light: Tech Trends and Challenges in 2021
  • 2020: Faster, Better, Smarter: Creating a Future Ready Workforce
    Chicago (POSTPONED), Atlanta (POSTPONED), Dallas (POSTPONED), Boston, Washington D.C., San Francisco (POSTPONED?)
  • 2019: Faster, Better, Smarter: Creating a Future Ready Workforce
    Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Washington D.C., San Francisco
  • 2018: Reimagining the Learning Experience
    Tampa, Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., Charlotte, Nashville
  • 2017: The Future of Learning
    Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, New York City, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago
  • 2016: Learning Redefined
    Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York City, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Boston
  • 2015: Enterprise Education that Lasts
    Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Washington, D.C.
  • 2014: Big Data Meets Big Learning
    Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston, New York City, Washington, D.C.
  • 2013: High-Powered Learning: Development for a Changing Workplace
    Washington, D.C., New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas
  • 2012: High-Powered Learning: Development for a Changing Workplace
    Washington, D.C., New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia
  • 2011: Learning Innovation: Development for a Changing Environment
    Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Boston, New York City
  • 2010: The Next Frontier for Learning and Development
    Washington, D.C., Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia
  • 2009: High-Impact Learning for Lean Times
    Boston, New York City, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago
  • 2008: Learning’s Value to the Enterprise
    Philadelphia, Chicago, Irving, Atlanta, New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C.
  • 2007: The Business Impact of Learning
    Kansas City, Irving, Garden Grove, Chicago, Arlington, Atlanta, Boston, New York City, San Francisco
  • 2006: The 2006 Business Intelligence Report
    Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Boston, New York City, Atlanta
  • 2005: The CLO 2005 Business Intelligence Industry Report
    Chicago, New York City, Burlingame, Dallas, Los Angeles, Boston, Arlington, Atlanta


  • Chief Learning Officer Network


e-Seminars/ Webinars

  • 2023
  • 2022

    Apr 2022: Learning Analytics: From Inception to Maturity

    Mar 2022: Better Together: Cultivating Community and Connections in Workplace Learning; Skills-Forward for the Future of Work; 3 Trends Every HR and Learning Leader Must Consider in 2022; Making Institutional Knowledge Individually Accessible

    Feb 2022: Textbook Case: Solving the Talent Shortage with No-Cost Education; Why CLOs Should Care About the Future of the Metaverse

    Jan 2022: The Future of Work: Reimagining Digital Learning for the Modern Workforce

  • 2021
    Dec 2021: Trends Shaping Employee Experience in 2022; Responding to the Skills Imperative; Connecting Skills Development to Career Paths; How Snap Inc. Is Leading the Tech Industry in Keeping Their Diversity Pledge; Servant Leadership and a Sense of Belonging: How Servant Leadership Provides a Framework for Creating an Inclusive Work Environment; The State of Corporate Learning Measurement Today; Juggling 5 Strategic Changes During the Pandemic

    Nov 2021: Transforming Through Disruption: An Experimental Approach to Designing for the Future; Building Blocks of Workforce Preparedness and Employability; Learning post-COVID-19 — Are you ready? Think again!; Sustaining Behavioral Change: How Cognitive and Emotional Frames Impact Performance; Turn Your Learning Content into a Competitive Advantage

    Oct 2021: Forget the Rest and Go With the Best: How Simplicity Created Access to Culture Change; Creating a Coaching Culture in Your Organization; Re-envision Your Workforce Enablement Strategy to Focus on Performance; 2022 Planning Session: Building the ROI Case for Your Leadership Programs; Aligning More Strategically for the Future of Learning; New Tools for the New Talent Wars: Lessons from the Experts; Mastering Adaptability for Future-Ready L&D; Reskilling and Upskilling in a Hybrid World; How to Create a Customer Focused Culture

    Sep 2021: Stop Building Courses. Start Building Experiences; The Promise of Blended Learning in 2021 and Beyond; 7 Lessons: Engaging Staff and Communities During the Pandemic Using Virtual Tournaments; Driving Learning Transformation: Enhance Your Culture Through Your Employee Experience
    Aug 2021: Simulation Learning on the Rise: Maximize Your Investment; How to Build the Perfect Digital Learning Academy; Learning At the Moment of Need: The Future of Employee Training; Decision Support by Design: How Enterprise Training Operations Can Maximize Talent Through Automation and Learning Analytics
    Jul 2021: Candidate Experience: What Do They Really Want?; Lessons Learned – Delivering a Collaborative Learning Course – An Expert Panel
    Jun 2021: Best Practices for Your 2021 Learning in Practice Application; Teams That Learn Together; This Time It’s Personal: 3 Models of Learning Personalization: VR Training Platform: How to Measure Value and Prove Impact
    May 2021: The ROI of McDonald’s Workforce Education Programs; Compliance: The Foundation for an Inclusive Culture; Building a Bright L&D Future: Shape How your Organization Learns; The Employee Experience Metamorphosis; L&D’s Next Big Initiative: Designing Memorable & Measurable Learning Journeys; Creating a Coaching Culture: The New Solution to Connect Today’s Workforce; Future-Proofing your Organization with Design Thinking-Driven Strategy; Good Ideas Can Come From Anywhere: How TED Masterclass Develops Public Speakers
    Apr 2021: How Do You Know What Skills You Need; How LXP is Driving Global Transformation at PepsiCo; Innovational Leadership: Driving Growth and Agility
    Mar 2021: Learning how to Learn with Kelly Palmer, Learning & Talent Officer at Degreed; L&D Business Value — A 4-Stage Measurement Model; Measurement Demystified: How to Create a Measurement and Reporting Strategy; [Case Study] Future-Proof Training: How CAE Leveraged a Learning Tech Ecosystem Approach for Rapid Growth; Reskilling for Growth With VR: The Future of Learning Is Immersive; How Airbnb Creates a Culture of Belonging
    Feb 2021: Rethink LMS: How to Choose Your Next-Gen Learning Platform and Technology Partner; 4 Skills to Build a Stronger, More Resilient Workforce; Building the LG Electronics Leadership Bench: High Potential Development to Drive High Performance; The Disruptive and the Invisible: How to Create Effective Learning Experiences in 2021; Learning Driven Growth at Schneider Electric; Creating Your Micro-credentialing Strategy
    Jan 2021: Getting 2021 Right – Harvard Psychologist on Building Productivity & Wellbeing; Understanding the New SEC Human Capital Disclosures – and what it means for HR, Learning and Talent Teams; The Essential Metrics That Every L&D Professional Needs to Measure

  • 2010
    Connecting Learning and Hiring: Accelerating On-Boarding and Time to Productivity
    Strategic Thinking : Developing Leaders’ Skills Faster With Advanced Business Simulations
    Enterprise Collaboration: Can You Connect Social Learning and Business Performance?
    Performance Portfolios: Eliminating Assessment Subjectivity to Improve Employee Productivity and Engagement
    Improving Emotional Intelligence Through Behavioral Style
    The Role of Collaborative Technologies in Your 2010 Learning & Development Strategy: Fact or Fiction?
    Corporate Learning in 2010: Social, Mobile, Collaborative, Engaging and Fun
    Talent-Based Learning: Goodbye to the Stand-Alone LMS
    A New Paradigm: Employee Development Solutions in Tough Times
  • 2009
    Talent Development as a Corporate Strategy
    Blue Ocean Strategy: Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant
    Business Next: People-Driven Strategies for Success
    Developing Talent: Today’s Most Critical Business Imperative
    Just-in-Time Training – Easy for the Presenter, Convenient for the Trainee

    Managing Talent in a 2.0 World – Putting It All Together
  • 2008
    Do You Really Need an Enterprise LMS? Maybe not.
    The Best of Both Worlds: Cost-Effective, Customized Management Training
    Creating an Effective Learning Environment Through the Use of Technology
    Learning and Performance Platform: It’s All About Optimizing Your Investments
    The DNA of Value in the 21st Century Global Economy
    Profit-Driven Training Programs for Partners and Customers
    Sustaining a Culture of Excellence in Continuous Learning
    Customer Training: 5 Ways to Fast-Track Your Programs in a Slow Economy
    Elliott Masie: Learning Strategies – A Fresh Look!
    Making All Learners Successful! Learning Styles and the Synchronous Classroom
    Future of Learning: Everything You Wanted to Know About Web 2.0
    Speed Up Software Implementations and Improve End-User Training
    A Practical Approach to Introducing Innovative Learning Programs in Your Organization
    Competencies: Gateway to Integrated Talent Management
  • 2007
    – Learning 2.0: Using Web 2.0 to Create Effective Informal Learning
    – Extending Learning Outside Your Borders
    – Back to the Future: CLO Symposium Fall 2007 Revisited
    – The Increasing Speed of Change and Its Impact on Business
    – The Latest Approach to End-User Learning Development and Collaboration
    – Selecting an Enterprise Learning Technology Vendor: The Need for an Integrated Technology Solution
    – Breakthrough Enterprise Learning and Leadership Trends: What You Need to Know Now
    – Building the Next Generation of Leaders at JetBlue
    – Improving the Financial Return on Learning: The Next Phase
    – Managing Enterprisewide Learning at Capital One University
    – Achieving Business Impact: SRA’s Business Capture Process
    – Why More Enterprise Companies are Adopting Virtual Instructor-Led Training over Traditional Classroom Training
  • 2006
    The Next-Generation Approach to Managing and Integrating Content
    Virtual Labs: The Next Frontier in Software Training
    From the Trenches: Global Succession Planning
    Best Practices in Blended Learning: Bringing New Technologies to Development Programs for Maximum Success
    Learning in Action: Tactics to Engage Learners and Increase Retention
    The Real ROI of Leadership Development: American Express Case Study
    Increasing the Strategic Value of Learning Organizations
    Enabling Success Through Learning Innovation
    Redefining the Role of the Learning Organization: Collaborative and Informal Learning Models and Technologies
    Accelerating Leadership Transitions Throughout Your Organization
    Custom Development: Creating Better, Faster and More Efficient Content
    The Role of Learning in Managing Regulatory Compliance
    The Future of Corporate Education: Embedding Learning Into Business Processes
    Moving Beyond Traditional Corporate Learning
    Driving Growth and Differentiating Brand by Establishing a Leadership Culture
    The Emergence of Managed Learning Services
    Key Retention and Leadership Development Strategies for Retaining Talent
    How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence in Five Key Areas
    Benefits and Best Practices for Moving to an Enterprise-Wide LMS
  • 2005
    Leading Corporate Learning Into the Future
    Enhancing Sales Force Effectiveness
    Learning Content Management Strategies for the Future
    LandAmerica: Case Study in Integrating Performance and Learning to Drive Results
    Leveraging Technology for Learning Management
    Value Creation & Measurement in Learning Environments
    Rapid E-Learning: Focus on Virtual ILT
    Learning Function Governance: Centralization Strategies for Maximum Business Impact
    The Next-Generation of Blended Learning
    Preparing for Baby Boomer Retirement
    Increasing Workforce Productivity With Integrated Learning and Performance Management
    Isolating the Effects of Your Workforce Performance Solutions
    Managed Learning Services: Leveraging Technology & Training Outsourcing Services
    Running Learning Like a Business
    Workforce Performance Management: The Employee Perspective
    Formalizing Informal Learning
    Succession Planning: Beating the Panic
    Managing Human Capital For Strategic Advantages
    The CLO Position: Critical Issues and Changing Roles
    Workforce Performance Solutions: Engaging Employees to Increase Productivity
    Enterprise Education: Making Evaluation Work
    Connecting the Middle Managers: The Next Wave of Leadership Development
  • 2004
    Corporate Strategy: The CLO’s Role
    Increasing Partner Effectiveness With Collaborative Learning
    Leveraging Learning for Business Impact
    Collaborative Tools in the Learning Continuum
    Motivating Sales Forces
    The Myths and Mysteries of ROI
    Needs Assessments: Finding the Right Focus
    The Competency Gap: Aligning Education
    Moving from Impact to ROI
    Implementing and Sustaining ROI
    Performance Simulations that Drive Business Results
    The Vital CLO: Accountability to the Enterprise and Beyond
    Customer Education: Expanding Revenue and Reach for the Organization
    The Future Agenda of CLOs
    Online Simulations
    Blended Learning: Finding What Works
    Working Partners: The CLO and Executive Team
  • 2003
    Measuring Learning Investments
    The Enterprise LMS Market: Where Are We Now?
    The Other 80 Percent: Increasing Workforce Productivity
    The Strategic Impact of Corporate Learning
    War and the Strategic Impact on Enterprise Learning
    Organizing Enterprise-Wide e-Learning and Human Capital Management
    Enterprise Architecture for e-Learning: Working With the CIO
    Assessing Learning Management Systems
    The CLO’s Role: Enterprise Education and Change Management
    Do’s and Don’ts for Measuring Cost Benefit Analysis
  • 2002
    Collaborative Tools for e-Learning: What Works, What Doesn’t

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