IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering (AIKE)*

IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering (AIKE)*

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The IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering (AIKE) is an international forum for academia and industries to exchange visions and ideas in the state of the art and practice of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering, as well as to identify the emerging topics and define the future of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering.

Conference History:

4th IEEE AIKE 2021, December 1-3, 2021, Laguna Hills, California, USA
(Host: University of California, Irvine)

3rd IEEE AIKE 2020, December 9-11, 2020, Laguna Hills, California, USA Virtual venue
(Host: University of California, Irvine)

    Mapping Patterns for Virtual Knowledge Graphs; Knowledge Engineering for Cultural Heritage: Finding the Thread (Andean Style)


    C.V. Ramamoorthy Award

    Co-located Conferences:
    IEEE International Conference on Conversational Computing (CC)

Note: The conference was scheduled for May 11-13, 2020, Irvine, California, USA

2nd IEEE AIKE 2019, June 3-5, 2019, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
(Host: University of Cagliari)

    Analytics and Knowledge Discovery from Big Data Series Collections; Performance and Scalability in Knowledge-Based Applications by Aggregate-based Non-Monotonic Reasoning

    Learning; Sentiment and Emotion Analysis; Data, Knowledge and Rules; System and Applications; Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs; Classification and Clustering; Actions and Planning

    International Workshop on Technology Enhanced Learning and Assessment (TELA); International AIKE Workshop on AI Bigdata Cloud Technologies (ABC)

    AIKE19 Doctoral Consortium

    C.V. Ramamoorthy Award

1st IEEE AIKE 2018, September 26-28, 2018, Laguna Hills, CA, USA
(Host: California Polytechnic State University)

    Synergies of AI and Knowledge Engineering for Healthcare & Biomedicine; Secure Data Science: Integrating Data Science and Cyber Security; Declarative Programming of Knowledge-based Applications on BigData; Bringing AI into Fashion; Integrating Artificial Intelligence Capabilities into Deployable Systems; Being Transdisciplinary: The Art of Making Meaningful Connections (joint with ai4i); Computing Medicine; Distinguished AIKE Tutorial

    Machine Learning; Deep Learning; Knowledge Graph Representations and Search; Ensemble Learning; AI methods for Sentiment and Social Analysis; Innovative Approaches in AI and Knowledge Engineering; Best Paper Session; Poster Session

    Workshops (joint with ai4i):
    First International Workshop on AI Bigdata Cloud Technologies (ABC); First International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for 3D Bigdata Processing (AI3D); Seventh International Workshop on Intelligent Data Processing (IDP)

    C.V. Ramamoorthy Award

    Co-located Conference:
    1st Artificial Intelligence for Industries (ai4i)

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