Incorporating Knowledge Management education into LIS curriculum

Abstract: Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine how and to what extent knowledge management (KM) has been incorporated into the library and information science (LIS) curriculum.

Design/methodology/approach – The study is conducted using an e-mail questionnaire survey of LIS academics world-wide who adopted KM education in their schools. Based on a preliminary survey of 600 LIS schools’ homepages, a structured questionnaire is sent out to 106 LIS academics via e-mail. In total, 58 filled-in questionnaires are received, of which 57 are valid for analysis. The analysis follows a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches of research with a primary focus on qualitative analysis.

Findings – LIS has assimilated the core content of KM based on the combination of varying proportions of major perspectives and skill-sets of KM with an emphasis on information management and information technology-oriented courses. The study also finds that LIS has incorporated KM following a partial adoption process through mutual borrowing of knowledge between LIS and KM.

Research limitations/implications – Many LIS schools, especially from non-English speaking countries, do not come under investigation due to their lack of web accessibility.

Practical implications – This paper reinforces the curriculum renovation of LIS with the incorporation of KM. It suggests a strong interdisciplinary collaboration with other disciplines having KM interests, and the adoption of a balanced approach to KM that would consider wider audiences and market demand.

Originality/value – The study presents the practical experiences of LIS academics who adopted KM education. The study also explores the concept of “mutual borrowing of knowledge” between LIS and KM.

Md. Roknuzzaman; Katsuhiro Umemoto: Incorporating KM education into LIS curriculum: perspectives from LIS academics. VINE, Vol. 43 Iss: 1, 2013, pp. 111 – 124

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Alternative source:

  • Md. Roknuzzaman, Katsuhiro Umemoto, (2013) “Exploring LIS academics’ responses to knowledge management”, Library Review, Vol. 62 Iss: 4/5, pp.293 – 311 | Purchase from publisher »

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