Information Professionals in the Knowledge Management Environment

Abstract: As I have conducted workshops across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the United States over the past few years, it has become increasingly evident to me that while some information professionals have successfully embraced change and moved forward, many others are struggling to find their place in the knowledge management (KM) environments that have emerged within their organizations. Many of those who are struggling have years of expertise, while others are relatively new to the profession. Regardless of their tenure, many individuals have seen their roles and responsibilities downgraded because they were not perceived as contributing directly to the KM initiatives. Some of our readings tell us that we have to develop new skill sets to remain relevant, while others tell us that we need a new mindset to move into our 21st century roles. I hope this article, which incorporates my own thoughts and ideas and those of colleagues and workshop participants, will encourage constructive discussion of the roles, responsibilities, and rights of information professionals in this era of knowledge management.

Sue Henczel: Supporting the KM Environment—The Roles, Responsibilities, and Rights of Information Professionals., Information Outlook Vol.8 No.1, January 2004: 14-19

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