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The KES International offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


KES Member Commuinity Groups

  • KES Intelligent Systems Society
  • KES Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Society


International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems (KES)*

    The International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems (KES) provides exciting opportunities for researchers to share ideas and find out about the latest developments in Intelligent Systems. Special features of KES conferences are the Invited Sessions on specific technical topics, organised and chaired by senior researchers with a special interest in the topic. This provides opportunities for sessions on new and emerging topics which might not be covered elsewhere.

KES Institute of Knowledge Transfer (IKT)2)

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate of Innovation & Knowledge Exchange / Certificate of Innovation, Knowledge Exchange and Transfer (Cert.IKT)**


  • ** IKT Innovation Tours, One Day Conferences or Meetings, and Regional Networking Events on topics in innovation through knowledge transfer and exchange


International Conference on Innovation through Knowledge Transfer (InnovationKT)** 2)

The International Conference on Innovation through Knowledge Transfer (InnovationKT) is an international Knowledge Transfer Conference. Featuring world-class speakers, oral and poster presentation sessions and interactive workshops, the InnovationKT Conference will provide an excellent opportunity to disseminate, share and discuss the impact of university-business interaction through the knowledge transfer mechanisms, including: – Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) – commercialisation (licensing of intellectual property, spin-outs formation, and incubators) – collaborative applied research and consultancy – and other methods of achieving knowledge transfer and innovation.

Conference History:

InnovationKT-2015, 15-17 April 2015, Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

    Keynotes & Invited Takls: Knowledge Transfer and the Role of the IKT; The Role of Universities in Stimulating Innovation and Powering the Economy; New Deal Innovation – Supporting SME Growth through Innovation; Innovation, Collaboration & Satellite Applications; The Role of the KTN in the UKs Innovation Landscape; Strategies for Sustaining Growth of Income from Knowledge Exchange across Higher Education Institutions in the UK

    Paper Sessions: Knowledge Transfer Case Studies and Policy; Innovation Policy and Practice; National and Global Knowledge Transfer

    Workshops: Open Innovation ‘Lift-Off’ Workshop

    Company Visits: Emma Bridgewater company

    Co-located Events: Staffordshire Innovation Forum

InnovationKT-2014, 2-4 April 2014, University of Greenwich, Greenwich, London, United Kingdom
Conference Theme: The Future of Knowledge Exchange

    Keynotes: Making the Knowledge Triangle Work in Practice; Universities and the Research and Innovation Ecosystem: A policy Perspective; From KTN to Future Knowledge Transfer in the Financial Services; From Cottage Industry to Curriculum and Classroom: Re–conceiving the concept of Knowledge Transfer; Universities and Colleges – Co-Creators and Facilitators of Innovation; Bridging the Management-Academia Divide

    Plenary Presentations: Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Works for Companies, Universities and Graduates

    Paper Sessions: Innovative Solutions for Business; Delivering Impact from Knowledge Transfer; Innovation, co-creation and Knowledge Exchange; Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Case Studies; International Perspectives on Knowledge and Technology Transfer

    Workshops: BENEFITS (Building an Enterprise Network for an Efficient Innovation and Training System) Workshop

    Co-located events: MediaMixer Innovation Day: innovative multimedia solutions ready for transfer to industry

InnovationKT-2013, 11-12 April 2013, University of Ulster, Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

    Keynotes: Innovation in the Health Service; Research Collaborations with SMEs in France; Believe: It can be done; Do YOU believe it’s important and it has never been done before? Then just DO it! Lessons from the Boston Biotech ecosystem; Technology Entrepreneurship; Government support for Innovation and Knowledge Exchange

    Paper Sessions: General Track; Knowledge Transfer Case Studies

    Workshops: BENEFITS (Building an Enterprise Network for an Efficient Innovation and Training System) Workshop; From Knowledge Exchange to Open Innovation and Co-creation; Horizon2020 Special Session

InnovationKT-2012, 19-20 April 2012, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK

    Keynote Talks: Soft Computing in Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Applications; Working with Open Innovation Intermediaries; Co-Creation of Innovation; Issues in International Health Innovation; Entrepreneurship is key for the UK; Industry engagement: barriers and how to overcome them

    Paper Sessions: INFER Project: Challenges in Transfer of Knowledge to Industry; Practice in University Research Based Open Innovation; Social Innovation and Related Paradigms; Engagement with Industry and Commerce; Presentation Session – Knowledge exchange

    Workshops: Continuing Professional Development in Knowledge Transfer; Innovation in Healthcare; Public Relations in Innovation – a workshop exploring best practice in PR for KT and Innovation professionals; Social Media For Knowledge Transfer – Using Social Media to best advantage in Knowledge Transfer

InnovationKT-2011 / KT-Challenges Symposium, 7 July 2011, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK
Conference Theme: Challenges for Knowledge Transfer: A Time of Change

    Keynotes & Plenary Talks: Sharing Knowledge to Mutual benefit (keynote); Unlocking Knowledge Transfer – Experiences from the Creative Industries KTN; Achieving More with Less through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (TBC); Impact Driven Knowledge Transfer – Experiences of Meeting the Needs of Business and Universities; The Sheffield City Leadership Programme

    Paper Sessions (Work-in-Progress): Knowledge Transfer Case Studies and Examples; Knowledge Transfer Strategies

    Workshops: Your Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Office .. Much More Than a One Trick Pony; Creating Skills for Better Commercialisation of (Academic) Ideas; The Knowledge Transfer Professional’s Toolkit: A workshop dedicated to practical instruments to create successful knowledge transfer

InnovationKT-2010, 7-8 December 2010, University of Wolverhampton, Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom

    Keynote Talks: The Role of University – Business Collaboration in Influencing Regional Innovation; Knowledge Transfer in France – From Academic Research to Companies: Organization and Research Examples; Connect and Catalyse to Stimulate Innovation; Completing the journey from IP ownership to IP return: why and how KT collaboration between Universities and Professional Industrial-Designers benefits everyone involved; Breaking Barriers and Building Collaborations: Knowledge Transfer Development in Wales; The Innovation Management and Knowledge Transfer Process Across NHS Trusts

    Paper Sessions: Value Creation through Knowledge Processing; Strategic and Organisational Approaches to Knowledge Transfer; Knowledge Transfer Models and Frameworks; Knowledge Transfer Partnership Case Studies; Innovation and Enterprise; Knowledge Transfer Case Studies; Knowledge Transfer with the Third and Public Sectors

    Workshops: A Readiness Assessment Tool for Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) – where will your Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) run aground?

InnovationKT-2009, 2 December 2009, Kingston University, London, United Kingdom
Conference Theme: Innovation through Knowledge Transfer: Research with Impact
(Host: Head of Knowledge Transfer, University of Kingston)

    Keynote Talks: Innovation and Knowledge Transfer; The Role of the Individual; The RCUK’s Knowledge Transfer and Economic Impact Strategy; Knowledge Transfer: The spaghetti junction of knowledge

    Paper Sessions: Knowledge Transfer case Studies; Knowledge Transfer in the Arts and Community; Innovative Knowledge Transfer Techniques; Strategic and Organisational Approaches to Knowledge Transfer; Innovation and Enterprise; Knowledge Transfer Methodology and Practice

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