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The Kingston University, formerly Kingston Polytechnic, …, Kingston Technical College, and Kingston Technical Institute, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Faculty of Business and Social Sciences > Kingston Business School 1) > Department of Accounting, Finance and Informatics 2) > Knowledge, Process and Project Management Group* 3)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Research area: Knowledge, Process and Project Management)
  • Doctor of Business Administration (Research area: Knowledge, Process and Project Management)


  • EUDOKMA Mres/PhD reserach seminars 4)
    – Research Methodology (2000-2001)
    – Developing Accurate Measurements (2002)
    – Model Building in Business and Management Research (2003-2005)

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing 5) > School of Computing and Information Systems

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • MSc in Information Management and Knowledge Sharing** 6)
      The Strategic Context for Information Management
      Knowledge Sharing
      Managing Information
      Strategic Information Systems for E-business
      IT Governance and Information Security
      Corporate Data and Information Resource Management
      Change Management
      Research Methods


  • Information Management and Knowledge Sharing (IMKS) Forum*
    A forum for public sector organisations to network and collaborate in getting the best out of their information assets and identifying best practice in information management, addressing the demands for service and the means to meet them.


IKMS Forum Events

    Oct 2011: IMKS Forum event
    Jul 2011: IMKS Forum event topics: Opportunities for knowledge sharing against a backdrop of public sector austerity; Social media doesn’t matter; Information sharing within public sector organisations; Open discussions: Social media use
    Apr 2011: IMKS Forum event
    Feb 2011: IMKS Forum event (full-day conference): Aligning information management with business strategy; Infomation assurance when sharing

    Dec 2010: IMKS Forum Wednesday Webinar (stimulating 1/2 hour presentation, followed by Q&A and online networking)
    Oct 2010: IMKS Forum event topics: Transparency agenda,…
    Jul 2010: IMKS Forum event topics: Information Governance,…

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