Studying Knowledge Management at Masters Level

Abstract: The need for more knowledge management courses is starting to be recognised and a few such courses are now being established. The MSc in Knowledge Management Systems at South Bank University, which commenced two years ago, is one such example. The course is based in the School of Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics. It has a very practitioner-based approach, but also evaluates various models and theoretical frameworks within this. The course is only open to those that are working in an organisation that practises KM and/or are in an organisation where students can undertake their KM projects. This article, firstly, considers the KM course at South Bank University and then looks at a variety of other KM courses that are currently available. It concludes with some general comments about KM courses.

Ruth Rikowski: Studying Knowledge Management at Masters level, with particular reference to South Bank University. Managing Information, 9 (10) 2002, pp. 56-57

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