Knowledge champions to facilitate knowledge management

Abstract: Executives and strategists have long recognized the value of knowledge as a primary driving source for a firm’s sustainable competitive advantage – hence the creation by many firms of a position called the chief knowledge officer (CKO). However, many people have proposed differing perspectives and models relating to the concept of knowledge management. In this paper differing knowledge management viewpoints are examined, by examining and integrating theories relating to the diffusion of innovations and change agents. The roles of change agents, innovators, and opinion leaders, such as CKOs, are explored in terms of effective knowledge management strategies and techniques. A model and strategies are proposed that can serve as a framework for CKOs and other knowledge management change agents to effectively facilitate the acquisition and use of knowledge in the firm by effectively using an organizational memory system.

Keywords: Chief executives, Change, Knowledge management, Open systems, Organizational learning

Nory B. Jones, Richard T. Herschel, Douglas D. Moesel, (2003) “Using “knowledge champions” to facilitate knowledge management“, Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 7 Iss: 1, pp.49 – 63

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