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The Knowledge Creation Principle Consortium (KCPC),1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge Creation Principles Consortium Global Summit (KCPC Global Summit)*
      The Knowledge Creation Principles Consortiums Global Summit (KCPC Global Summit), formerly the Knowledge Creation Principles Forum (KCPC Forum), aims to discuss how the “Knowledge Creation Principle”, a new management principle, is contributing to management innovation, by focusing on corporate managers and practitioners of change or young employees with aspirations (“Dynamos”), as the engine of knowledge-driven innovation and human-centered management.


Dynamo innovation program

  • Pre-event for the Dynamo Innovation Program
  • Principle Forum for Leaders: Practicing Knowledge Creation Principles
  • Dynamo Boot Camp for Dynamos: act as a dynamo


    Aug 2023: The Smart Mission

    Feb 2022: Consortium Establishment Ceremony & Management Meeting
    Lecture: What virtues are required of managers today: prudence and leadership
    Dialogue: Shifting Japanese management to a future creation type

    Jun 2021: To change to a management that makes the most of the dynamo (Tama University Graduate School MBA Special Public Seminar 2)
    Principles of Knowledge Creation
    Innovate the foundation of knowledge
    Management of change

    May 2021: Awaken the Dynamo People: A new generation of leaders who will lead corporate transformation (Tama University Graduate School MBA Special Public Seminar 1)
    Why is management that nurtures and utilizes the dynamo important?
    Symptom of companies lacking vitality
    Who is Dynamo?

    Apr 2021: Dynamo’s Recommendation: Why “energetic guys” are more important to companies and careers than “excellent guys” (“Awaken the Dynamo People” book commemorative event; w. Ecozzeria Association)

    Jul 2020: Knowledge Creation Principles for Everyone to Practice (strategy meeting & community launch)
    Diagnosis of knowledge innovation level (knowledge audit)
    Activity Plan for the Knowledge Creation Principles Community
    How to create change – Discussion and dialogue between participants

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