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The Knowledge Management Association (KMA) is discontinued, only the KMA Washington DC Chapter, now the Knowledge Management Community of DC (KMCDC), is still active.

The Knowledge Management Association (KMA), which emerged from the KM Institute Chapters, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Chapters: Denver (Denver Knowledge Management Network)*, Washington DC (KMA DC Chapter, now independent Knowledge Management Community of DC) 1)
  • Interest Groups on topics in Knowledge Management*

Chapter Meetings

  • Washington DC Chapter Meetings 1)
    List of Events
  • Denver Chapter Meetings
    List of Events
    • 2015-11: Social event: meetup group in 2016?
    • 2015-08: CANCELLED
    • 2015-07: Co-creating the new member-driven, knowledge community design for the Denver KM Network Meetup (Online meeting)
    • 2015-06: New Beginning: Co-creating the new member-driven, knowledge community design for the Denver KM Network Meetup (online meeting)
    • 2015-04: More details to come as the date gets closer
    • 2015-03: Inaugural Meeting to discuss interests, times and locations


  • KMA National Virtual Events (2013)
    List of Events
    • 2013-01: Personal Knowledge Management, and how to practice Knowledge Management at your desk.
    • 2013-02: Practicing Knowledge Management (Knowledge Café Session)
    • 2013-03: Building a Knowledge Management centric proposal center, an AT&T approach.
    • 2013-04: The Oscillation Principle: How regularly scheduled face-to-face interaction can
    • 2013-06: Treduce the ambiguity of increasingly complex tasks
    • 2013-07: Knowledge Mapping & Simulation Clarity
    • 2013-07: Knowledge Management in the Medical Field
    • 2013-08: Web Usability
    • 2013-09: Aging Workforce Issues, and what is being done by industry leaders today in this area?
    • 2013-10: Knowledge Management Maturity Models
    • 2013-11: KMWorld De-Brief, What did we learn? (Knowledge Café Session)
    • 2013-12: Knowledge Management Year in Review, Innovations, Research, and Thought Leaders

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