Knowledge Management Competencies and Education for LIS Professionals

Abstract: …Although LIS professionals play the role of information managers in handling organization’s documents and explicit knowledge, to establish a strong position in a KM environment they need to extend their roles by managing employee’s tacti knowledge on the basis of their distinctive knowledge-handling skills (Al-Hawamdeh, 2005). However, to help LIS professionals be involved more successfully in KM activities and to maximize their prospects for success in what is a very competitive field, the acquisition of a number of additional competencies in the field of management, bussiness operations, and ICT are required. This chapter describes the concept of KM skills and competencies, and the requirements of different types of KM competencies among LIS professionals to facilitate their involvement in KM practice… Responding to the exciting and emerging phenomenon of KM, some LIS schools have adopted KM as an academic program at different levels of education. In this context, this chapter aims to explore the current state of KM education offered by LIS schools globally and investigate the perceptions of the LIS community in India toward the provision of KM education within LIS courses.

Mohammad Nazim; Bhaskar Mukherjee: Knowledge Management Competencies; Knowledge Management Education. In: Mohammad Nazim; Bhaskar Mukherjee: Knowledge Management in Libraries: Concepts, Tools and Approaches. Chandos Publishing (Chandos Information Professional Series), 2016: Ch 7 & 8 (pp. 149-200)

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