Knowledge Management Role Models, Skills, Compentencies, and Experiences

Karen Huffman: KM Professionals Sharing Their Ideas. SLA Future Ready 365, 14 September 2011.

Knowledge Management Role Models

(6:18 minutes)

  • Description: Selection of ideas shared by knowledge management professionals about who they are and what they do (and love!).
  • Interviews: Patrick Lambe, Denise Chochrek, Dianna Wiggins, Ulla de Stricker, Richard Huffine, Nerida Hart, and Stephanie Jordan.

Knowledge Management: Skills, Compentencies, and Experiences

(6:14 minutes)

  • Description: What skills, competencies and experience do you think are important for your role as a knowledge professional? Learn what leaders in the field have to say.
  • Interviews: Patrick Lambe, Denise Chochrek, Ulla de Stricker, Mary Talley, Richard Huffine, Nerida Hart, and Dianna Wiggins.

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