Leaders of Knowledge Initiatives: Qualifications, Roles & Responsibilities

Abstract: Sponsored by the cross-government Knowledge Management Working Group, working sessions were held through the year 2000 and continuing into 2001 to build an understanding of the concepts, roles, and importance of Knowledge Management. Participants from these sessions came from government, industry, and academia. The “stories” of the processes used and the results of the sessions are detailed in this chapter. Results from these sessions have been used to define the roles of Chief Knowledge Officers in government, and are building blocks for certification programs emerging in the public and private sectors.

Alex Bennet, Robert Neilson: The Leaders of Knowledge Initiatives: Qualifications, Roles, and Responsibilities. In: Holsapple, C. W. (Ed.): Handbook on Knowledge Management. Volume 1: Knowledge Matters. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag (International Handbooks on Information Systems Series), 2004: 523-538.

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