Leaders of Knowledge Initiatives: Qualifications, Roles & Responsibilities

Alex Bennet, Robert Neilson: The Leaders of Knowledge Initiatives: Qualifications, Roles, and Responsibilities. In: Holsapple, C. W. (Ed.): Handbook on Knowledge Management. Volume 1: Knowledge Matters. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag (International Handbooks on Information Systems Series), 2004: 523-538.

Copyright © Springer.

Full text from author at ResearchGate; Preview from Google books

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  • Robert Neilson: Knowledge Management and the Role of the CKO. In: Ramon Barquin, Alex Bennet and Shereen Remez (eds.): Knowledge Management: The Catalyst for E-Government. Vienna, VA: Management Concepts, 2001. Full text » (Kyield), Full text » (Providersedge), Summary » (KMWG), Brainstorming results »
  • CHIPS: Interview with Dr. Robert E. Neilson, Chief Knowledge Officer and Professor at the Information Resources Management College (IRMC) of the National Defense University. CHIPS Magazine – January-March 2001 Full text »
  • KMWG (ed.): Department of the Navy Knowledge Management Career Area (Position Descriptions), KMWG KM Education, Learning, and Development SIG Full text »
  • Karen Danis: Department of the Navy Releases Final Draft of the Civilian Career Path Guide. CHIPS, January-March 2001. Full text »
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