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Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG; formerly Manipal Group) with its Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE; formerly Manipal Education) branch offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Manipal GlobalNxt University (MGNU)1), Malaysia > School of Business

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Global/Executive Master of Business Administration (elective: Enterprise knowledge management)
  • Doctorate in Business Administration (research areas: Creative knowledge management**; Collaborative knowledge management**; Knowledge management for productivity**)


Executive Education: Global Management Development Series

  • Module: Knowledge Management*
    1. KMT01 Understanding Organisational Knowledge (Level 1)
    2. KMT02 Understanding Organisational Knowledge (Level 2)
    3. KMT03 Managing Organisational Knowledge
    4. KMT04 Influences on Knowledge Management
    5. KMT05 Strategise Knowledge


  • Oct 2014: Knowledge Management for Innovation
  • Sep 2014: Developing Social Learning and Communities of Practice

Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ)2), India > Central Library


  • International Conference on Knowledge Management in Higher Education Institutions (ICKHI)*
      The International Conference on Knowledge Management in Higher Education Institutions (ICKHI) will deliberate the profile of library professionals in the present day context whose main role is to explore, evaluate, promote, and implement various emerging technologies. Innovation, collaboration, strong communication skills, and strong project management skills will be keys to success of the Library professionals. The Conference aims to provide a platform to learn and share the ideas among librarians, professional from public & academia, research scholars, students, archivists, information providers and vendors, e-publishers, and virtual electronic communities.

Manipal Executive Education (MUJ)*, Dubai


Facilitated Learning

  • Knowledge Management (3 weeks)**

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