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MindTree Consulting, part of the Larsen & Toubro (L&T) Group1), has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Innovation & Knowledge Management BarCamp (iKAMP)

The Innovation & Knowledge Management BarCamp (iKAMP), successor of the 2007 Knowledge Management BarCamp (KAMP) and the Innovation BarCamp (icamp), is an event for practicing Knowledge Management & Innovation professionals. The idea is to get together for a day and discuss topics that are important to us and get insights from fellow colleagues in an informal environment. No KeyNote speakers… no chief guests…. All topics to be decided by the participants themselves.

Conference History:

  • (CANCELLED) Innovation & Knowledge Management BarCamp (iKAMP 2011), 9 July 2011, Bangalore, India
    (Host: MindTree Consulting)

    Proposed Sessions:
    Why Knowledge Management alone will not work. Knowledge Management need’s to collaborate better with other departments
    Knowledge Management Systems. Why “build it and they will come” doesn’t work
    Compliance or Adoption: Key to success of Knowledge Management
    Everyone, including their Mother-in-law & their dog has an opinion on Knowledge Management /Innovation. Challenges for Knowledge Management/Innovation professionals
    Social/Web2.0 Systems & approaches to Knowledge Management & Innovation. Have they delivered?
    Boot-strapping Knowledge Management & Innovation within organizations without formal mandates
    Future of Knowledge Management /Innovation professionals. Is there any; beyond content management?
    Reality Check: The organization cares two hoot about Knowledge Management and is just a ‘nice to have’ function
    Communities: In the age of internet & google, what’s the advantage of communities within organizations
    Knowledge Management for Project Delivery & Large Accounts
    Innovation 101. What are we talking here? In IT Services business???
    Managing Innovation and Design – Business Model Design Process

  • (CANCELLED) Innovation & Knowledge Management BarCamp (iKAMP 2008), 19 July 2008, Bangalore, India
    Topic: Web2.0 within the enterprise: opportunities, challanges, strategy for Innovation and Knowledge Management
    (Host: MindTree Consulting)

    Proposed Sessions:
    Enterprise 2.0: Factors to consider before rolling it out

  • Innovation BarCamp (icamp), 23 February 2008, Bangalore, India
    (Host: MindTree Consulting; Supporter: K-Community Bangalore; TRIZ India Forum)

    Proposed Sessions:
    Can we develop a knowledge based theory of the firm? Can we audit the knowledge to innovation to ip value chain?
    Does process aid or inhibit the creative mind?: A knowledge cafe experience

  • Knowledge Management BarCamp (KAMP), 24 November 2007, Bangalore, India
    (Host: MindTree Consulting; Supporter: K-Community Bangalore)

    Proposed Sessions:
    Are Indian users really ready for complete Web2.0 ? How do we tap it ?
    Knowledge Management Systems — what doesn’t work & why
    The ‘mythical system’ called expertise locator
    Innovation in education: What and how to educate future managers
    Knowledge Flow: Work Space Design & Encouraging Chance Encounters
    Knowledge Sharing & Culture
    Measurements & Metrics
    Knowledge Management related recognizition
    Generation of Knowledge Management through social networking
    Processes involved in Knowledge Management
    Role of quality management systems (Six sigma, CMM-I) in Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management and innovation: is there any confusion?
    Emerging areas in Knowledge Management
    Functional implementation in Knowledge Management
    Is India really ready for Web2.0 ?
    Wikis in knowledge management
    Personal knowledge management
    Innovation in education: What and how to educate future managers
    Unconferences as a Knowledge Management tool
    Knowledge Management as a Science Vs Knowledge Management as a Art
    Are knowledge managers required in a knowledge-sharing environment?
    Knowledge Management: employer mandate?
    Knowledge Management: Managing the explicit part of Knowledge: Learning from existing, unidentified but effective, Knowledge Management systems in organizations
    Understanding knowledge processing activities of the industries
    Role of Knowledge Management in the Community
    Synergizing Content Management and Knowledge Management
    Unconventional Knowledge Management
    Globalizing Innovation Complexity – Creating Wealth in GIXBang world Navneet Bhushan
    Constituents of a Knowledge Ecosystem: a Knowledge Cafe Raj Datta, MindTree
    Emerging Technologies for Knowledge Management Rakesh Rajora, Accenture
    Is language a barrier for knowledge sharing? If so, how to overcome this difficulty?
    Knowledge Management Strategies for Intergenerational Workforces

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