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The Pittsburgh Regional Knowledge Management Consortium (PRKMC) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


    Jan 2007: Winter Networking Social (with American Medical Writers Association, the Pittsburgh E-Learning Society, the Society for Technical Communication, and the Special Libraries Association)

    Sep 2006: Wikis for Knowledge Management
    Jul 2006: Summer Slam (with Pittsburgh Technology Council)
    Jun 2006: Business Meeting 2005/2006
    Apr 2006: Dynamic Network Analysis for Business

    Nov 2005: Concept-Mapping
    Sep 2005: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining – a practical approach
    Aug 2005: Networking Meeting (with the Pittsburgh Chapters of the Society for Technical Communication and the Special Libraries Association)
    Apr 2005: Communities of Practice: Building Collaborative Knowledge Sharing Communities
    Mar 2005: Graphic Facilitation for Enhancing Knowledge Capture and Communication (with the Society for Technical Communication)

    Dec 2004: Holiday Social and Experiential Learning Exercise
    Sep 2004: Addressing Key Issues in Knowledge Management
    Jul 2004: Summer Social Get-Together

    Dec 2003: The Role of Knowledge Management in Enterprise Portals
    Apr 2003: Knowledge Management Roundtables (Topics: A primer on Knowledge Management for those new to the field, Cultural aspects of Knowledge Management, Tools and applications for Knowledge Management, Return on investment issues, Knowledge Management evaluation metrics)
    Feb 2003: The Challenges of Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration in Homeland Security

    Nov 2002: Networking and an introduction to a new association for knowledge professionals in the Pittsburgh region (Kick-off meeting)

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