East Africa Knowledge Management Conference*

East Africa Knowledge Management Conference*

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The RIMEA Knowledge Management Concerence series is organized by Records & Information Management East Africa (RIMEA).

Note: No public program available (not even upon request; No reply); Many announced and cancelled conferences!? According to their 2019/2020 program flyer RIMEA conducted one conference in 2016, two conferences in 2017 and three conferences in 2018 of which not all may have Knowledge Management in the title.

Conference History:

Knowledge Management Annual Conference, 24-28 August 2020, Nakuru, Kenya

(CANCELLED?) East Africa Knowledge Management Conference 2020, 24–27 March 2020, Naivasha, Kenya
Conference Theme: Building Capacity for Knowledge Management

Note: The conference was scheduled for 23-27 March. The conference theme announced was “Knowledge Management as a Key Component in Governance”

(CANCELLED?) 1st East African Medical Conference on Research and Knowledge Management, 18-22 November 2019, Mombasa, Kenya
Conference theme: Quality Medicare through Research & Knowledge Sharing

(CANCELLED?) African Conference on Information & Knowledge Management, 14-18 October 2019, Mombasa, Kenya
Conference Theme: Developing and Managing Intellectual Assets for Innovation and Efficiency

Knowledge Management Conference, 24-28 June 2019, Naivasha, Kenya
Conference Theme: Maximizing Value of your Organizations Knowledge

(CANCELLED?) Information Governance & Knowledge Management Conference, 22-24 May 2019, Nairobi, Kenya

(CANCELLED?) East African (Annual) Knowledge Management Conference, 13-17 May 2019, Mombasa, Kenya
Conference Theme: Putting a Value on your Intellectual Assets

(CANCELLED?) Africa Librarians and Knowledge Managers Congress, 15-19 April 2019, Mombasa, Kenya

2nd (?) Library and Knowledge Management Congress, 3-7 December 2018, Naivasha, Kenya
Congress Theme: Innovation, Library Technologies, eBoard, Knowledge Portals, Intranets
(announced was: Africa Knowledge Management and Information Services Congress, 3-7 December 2018, Mombasa, Kenya )

Information Governance & Knowledge Management Conference, 24-26 October 2018, Naivasha, Kenya

Knowledge Management Conference, 23-26 October 2018, Kampala, Uganda
(HR & Knowledge Managers Conference on Knowledge Management)
Conference Theme: Empowering Staff through Effective Knowledge Management

Information Governance & Knowledge Management Conference, 30-31 August, 2018, Kampala, Uganda

(CANCELLED?) East Africa Knowledge Management Conference, 8-10 August 2018, Mombasa, Kenya

Africa Knowledge Management Conference, 8-12 May 2017, Naivasha, Kenya

Records and Knowledge Management Congress, 15-19 August 2016, Naivasha, Kenya
(in conjunction with the 2nd Sacco ICT and Records Managers Congress, August, 16-18, 2016, Nairobi, Kenya; in partnership Electra, industry partners and governments)

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  1. We would like to attend the EA Annual KM conference in Mombasa (13-17 May).
    Kindly email me more details for our planning.

    (KMedu Hub Note: Replied by eMail on Apr 7, 2019 – Boris)

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