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The Ryerson University (Ryerson or RyeU), formerly the Ryerson Polytechnic University, the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, and the Ryerson Institute of Technology, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) 1) > Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management (TRSITM)

Undergraduate Degrees/Programs

  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Business Technology Management (Specialization: Knowledge and Database Management) 2)
      ITM 410 Business Process Design
      ITM 501 Decision Analysis
      ITM 505 Managing Information Systems
      ITM 610 Database Administration
      ITM 612 Knowledge Management & Learning Technologies
      ITM 750 Project Management of IT and T
      ITM 601 Advanced Business Process Methods
      ITM 700 Information Technology and Strategic Management
      ITM 729 Data Warehousing Methods
      ITM 800 Applied Feasibility Analysis
      + 10 Electives (Professional Electives, Professionally Related Electives, Liberal Studies)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Certificate in Database and Knowledge Management (Distance Education) 3)
      CITM 500 Logical Database Analysis and Design
      CITM 610 Database Administration
      CITM 612 Knowledge Management/Learning Technologies
      CITM 613 Information Services Architecture
      CITM 617 Physical Dbase Design and Implementation
      CITM 717 IT-Enabled Customer Management

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