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SMR International offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certificates 1)

  • Knowledge Management/Knowledge Services Certificate Program (was: Dual Certificate in Knowledge Management and Knowledge Services)
  • Certificate in Knowledge Management**
  • Certificate in Knowledge Services**


  • Knowledge Management / Knowledge Services for Knowledge Workers workshops


SMR “Knowledge Services” Podcast series

  • Nov 2018: Enduring Wisdom for Knowledge Strategists
  • Oct 2018: More on the Knowledge Services Audit
  • Apr 2018: Preparing Your Knowledge Strategy Document; Guy’s 8-Step Guide to Knowledge Strategy Development
  • Mar 2018: Moving Toward Your Knowledge Strategy
  • Feb 2018: What Do You Do When You Work As A Knowledge Strategist?
  • Jan 2018: For the Knowledge Strategist: Is It Change Management or Change Leadership?
  • Dec 2017: The Strategic Learning Construct
  • Oct 2017: Your Knowledge Services Primer
  • Sep 2017: Why We Measure; Eight Things You Need to Know About Knowledge Services; Is Knowledge Services the Critical Management Discipline for the 21st Century Organization?
  • Aug 2017: The Change Management Connection; Advice from The Dean of Leadership Developmen; Knowledge Sharing? Knowledge Strategy? Why? Guy’s Informal Response; There is a Role for Millennials as Knowledge Strategists; Reward It! Give Credit for Good Knowledge Services
  • Jul 2017: Developing Your Knowledge Strategy Begins with the Knowledge Services Audit; Shaping the Corporate Culture as a Knowledge Culture; Management: Science or Art? The Purpose of Management; ECM Dead? I Think Not
  • June 2017: The Knowledge Strategist Drives the Knowledge Value Effort; Your Knowledge Services Elevator Speech (via the Heath Brothers and SMR International); Our New Age of Knowledge Sharing; About Knowledge Services

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Training 2)

  • Knowledge Management/Knowledge Services Workshops for Knowledge Workers
  • Dynamic Library Leadership in the Changing Porfessional Environment
  • Managing Information, Knowledge, and Strategic Learning: Welcome to Knowledge Services
  • Mentorship for Library Staff: Fostering Knowledge Sharing Culture
  • Mentorship for Records Managers and Archivists: Fostering Knowledge Sharing Culture
  • Mentorship for Information Professionals: Fostering Knowledge Sharing Culture

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