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The Swiss Knowledge Management Think Table (Swiss KMTT or SKMTT) 1) is an informal community of Knowledge Management/ Sharing practitioners in the Swiss development sector.

Swiss Knowledge Management Think Table (Swiss KMTT) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


(biannual meetings)

  • Apr 2018: Innovation in NGOs – challenges, practices and tools
  • Oct 2017: Which environment for smart working?
  • Jun 2017: Knowledge Audits / Mapping, Knowledge Management Case Clinics, and Network Mindset & Skillset
  • Nov 2016: Polish your communication skills in a playful way to enhance your remote teamwork (a game@work initiative workshop)
  • May 2016: …
  • May 2015: Communication game (a game@work initiative workshop)
  • Apr 2013: Shared leadership in networks
  • Jun 2012: …
  • Nov 2010: Peer Review on evaluation findings of the Evaluation of HEKS-EPER’s Knowledge Sharing project 2008 – 2010
  • May 2010: Evaluation of HEKS-EPER’s Knowledge Sharing project 2008 – 2010; Brainstorming on Issues related to the International Workshop of Swiss Red Cross
  • Nov 2009: Open Space on topics in Knowledge management for Development
  • May 2009: Storytelling project in the Alps; Creating a learning environment; Impressions from Solothurn KM symposium; Digital stories in Helvetas; Peer assist in Learning Partnerships; Wiki looking back and forward
  • Nov 2008: …
  • Jun 2007: …

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