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The Swiss Knowledge Management Think Table (SKMTT, Swiss KMTT, or Swiss KM Thinktable),1) formerly the Think Table on Organisational Learning & Capitalisation of Experiences or the Think Table on Learning & Capitalisation of Experiences in Development Cooperation, is an informal community of Knowledge Management/ Sharing practitioners in the Swiss development sector.

The Swiss KMTT offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


(Biannual meetings)

Nov 2024: AI and digitalization (Swisscontact, in-person)

    Swisscontact and Digitalization: Our projects and initiatives in digitalization
    AI for Development: Learnings from the AI for Development conference in Barcelona, October 28, 2024; Developmetrics
    The Transformative Potential of Artificial Intelligence: Insights from Learn4Dev – An international network of development organizations
    Beyond the Hype: Hands-on with Generative AI. Learnings from the Global Digital Development Forum

    World Café Discussions:
    – Own experiences with AI and digitalization
    – Potential and limitations of AI and digitalization in various areas
    Plenary Session: Sharing the 2-3 key highlights from each topic

    Popcorn Session: What next? Discussing potential future topics and formats

Jun 2024: Reconnect with SKMTT – catch up call

Sep 2022: Hybrid Meeting Lab (Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, in-person & online)

    Sessions: Dos and Don’ts on practical things in hybrid set-up and facilitation (tools and skills)

Jan 2022: Let’s Talk about Hybrid Meetings (host n.a., online)

    Sessions: Re-connecting; Hybrid Meetings intro + Hybrid Decision Wheel; Benefits, Challenges and Solutions of Hybrid Meetings

…SKMTT meetings?…

Jun 2020: Exchange on Collaboration with MS Teams (Online)

    Sessions: n.a.

May 2020: (Host: Fastenopfer, Lucerne Online)

    Topics: How will you manage your transition period from Covid19 to the “new normality”?; Which good practices, habits, learnings (which you have acquired in the confinement period) will you continue practising?

Apr 2020: The challenges of online working (Host: cinfo, Online)

    Sessions: Check-in: How does it feel to work at a distance? What are the advantages, what do we have to be careful about; Exchanging and collecting good practices (break out groups & reporting to the plenary); Identify topics and issues we could further address

FALL 2019:

    SKMTT meeting?

Jun 2019: New Forms of Organisational Governance – Holocracy (Host: Brot für alle, Berne)

    Sessions: Opening & Speed dating; Input: Evolution of forms of organization; Storytelling: Introducing the concept of holacracy at “Brot für alle”, Self-Organisation at LIIP; Fish Bowl: New forms of organizational collaboration; Open Space Sessions: Tips and tricks for introducing holacracy in hierarchic organisations / companies, Dealing with Uncertainties, Trust as one of the main ingredients, Agile organisations – Sorry we don’t offer this service any more, Everyday work with Holacracy, Holocratic structure in a “traditional” organisation, What are the most important KM topics to include in a 3,5 and 4,5 days workshop?

FALL 2018:

    No SKMTT meeting

Apr 2018: Innovation in NGOs – challenges, practices and tools (Host: Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Zurich)

    Sessions: What is Innovation; Innovation in Swiss Civil Society Organisations; Group Discussion & Challenge; Innovation Methods & Tools Application, Discussion & Exchange (Design Sprint, Design Thinking, Value Propositon Design, Rapid Prototyping)

Nov 2017: Which environment for smart working? (Host: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Berne)

    Sessions: Visit of two (co-)working spaces and exchange; Discussion & Reflection: How the working environment (infrastructure & technology, culture & processes as well as leadership and management) influence collaboration and learning in our organizations?

Jun 2017: Knowledge Audits for Knowledge Management (Host: cinfo, Biel)

    Sessions: Introductions; Knowledge Audits: knowledge mapping made easy!; Case Clinics (4 cases): What role can knowledge managers play in fostering a learning culture or a “no-blame-culture” (Fehlerkultur)? (Swiss Red Cross), How to design a learning process within an organisation? (medicus mundi), The handbook of the future (SECO), How to set up a KM system (Fastenopfer); Bringing Things Together

Oct 2016: Meaningful Conversations & Communication (Host: Swiss Red Cross, Wabern)

    Sessions: Tools & methods from the International Workshop of the SRC; Fokussierendes Reflecting – das Ressourcen-Rad: A method for collegial coaching; Good practices in sharing tacit knowledge in a team or organization

May 2016: What is a Network Mindset and Skillset (Host: SECO, Berne)

    Sessions: A network mind-set and skill-set. (Presentation, discussion and brainstorming on aspects of a) a networked mindset, b) a set of skills required in networks (communication, facilitation, shared leadership, learning approaches, etc.)); Case clinics (based on issues defined in the morning, along the following questions: a) How can we foster a network mindset? b) How can we strengthen the skills required in networks?)

Nov 2015: (Host: cinfo, Biel)

    Sessions: n.a.

May 2015: Building bridges: connecting individual and organizational learning (Host: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Berne)

    Sessions: Learning organizations and learning processes: exemplary process and practice; Knowledge Management Trends, feedback and reflection; PKM and WOL (Personal Knowledge Management/Mastery and Working and learning out loud); Building prototypes / take aways

Dec 2014: Network mind-set – Network practice (Host: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Berne)

    Sessions: Communication game & Reflection; Networks and working in networked ways – input; Experience sharing, learning and networking from a distance; Show-case of tools for communication and networking: Social Media, Hootsuite, Intranet, Webinars; Open Space – harvesting experiences or providing peer support

May 2014: Learning for Improved Practice (Host: World Vision International, Geneva)

    Sessions: Knowing me, knowing you; Close encounter of great practices in “learning for improved practice; What makes a great practice great: Processing successes and success factors; Solutions exploration: Analyzing challenges on improving practice; What emerges: Wrap up and take-aways

Nov 2013: What are knowledge networks best for? (Host: Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Zurich)

    Sessions: n.a.

Apr 2013: Knowledge Management and managing complexity (Host: International Labour Office, Geneva)

    Sessions: Strategies for coping with complexity; Shared leadership in networks and its role in managing complexity; The complexity game; Peer assist session: When “un”complex becomes complex and vice versa; Useful tools in complex times

Sep 2012: KM Think Table Re-energize (Host: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Berne)

    Sessions: The Community Practice as a story telling place; Brainstorming groups (2): Our way of working/ functioning

May 2012: (Host: Swisscontact, Zurich)

    Sessions: n.a.

Nov 2011: (Host: Medicus Mundi, Basel)

    Sessions: KM Think Table – what keeps the community alive; Treasure memories: a storytelling approach for people living with HIV-AIDS; Study tour of civil servants from Ukraine in Switzerland; External Learning Journeys of HEKS; IT tools for project management; Facebook and Twitter to stimulate discussions; The SDC learning and networking blog

May 2011: (Host: Terre des Hommes, Lausanne)

    Sessions: n.a.

Nov 2010: (Host: EPER/HEKS – Entraide Protestante Suisse/Hilfswerk der Evangelischen Kirchen der Schweiz, Lausanne)

    Sessions: eCollaboration: An option for international development; Discussion on Knowledge Sharing and innovation

May 2010: Feedback Discussion on HEKS’s KS Project Evaluation (Host: NCCR North-South/Centre for Development and Environment, Universität Bern, Bern)

    Sessions: Evaluation of HEKS-EPER’s Knowledge Sharing project 2008 – 2010 (Feedback on ToR, Peer Review on evaluation findings); Everybody tells on what s/he is working currently; Brainstorming on Issues related to the International Workshop of Swiss Red Cross

Nov 2009: Open Space (Host: agridea, Lindau)

    Open Space topics: The added value of ThinkTable meetings for KM-activists of Swiss development organisations; How to make competitors share knowledge; Selling arguments: What makes collaborators share their knowledge and contribute to the institutional memory?; ICTs to Explore in Future: What next: How to document insights and lessons learnt? Who is organising the next ThinkTable?

May 2009: (Host: Swiss Red Cross, Berne)

    Sessions: Storytelling project in the Alps; Creating a learning environment; Impressions from Solothurn KM symposium; Digital stories in Helvetas; Peer assist in Learning Partnerships; Wiki looking back and forward

Nov 2008: SKMTT Meeting (Host: Intercooperation, Bern)

    Sessions: Knowledge Management in an international network; Writing Policy Briefs; Setting up a WiKi for Think table meetings; Developing and maintaining professional skills in an organisation; Community Action Day; Tagging of documents

May 2008: SKMTT Meeting (Host: Skat Foundation, St. Gallen)

    Sessions: Knowledge Management in Madagascar; Lessons learned on story telling; Selected Collaboration Tools of Swissre; Selling Knowledge Management to SDC Seniors; Thinking around the table about Knowledge Management

Nov 2007: (Host: University of Fribourg, Fribourg)

    Sessions: n.a.

May 2007: (Host: Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Zurich)

    Sessions: n.a.

FALL 2006

    SKMTT meeting?

May 2006: (Host: International Labour Organization, Geneva)

    Sessions: Critical Incidents Technique; Team Coaching (Kollegiale Beratung); Evaluating/Justifying knowledge sharing workshops

2005 meetings

    SKMTT meetings?

Oct 2004: Knowledge Management marries Project Cycle Management (Host: Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Berne)

    Sessions: Knowledge Market: Activities and struggeling questions in organisational learning and capitalisation of experiences (lessons learnt)); Knowledge Transfer (Group work on 4 cases (concrete question, which came up during knowledge market) idea basket, peer assist, group coaching); Transfer of results and discussion; Visioning and Group

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