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Knowledge Management Skills and Capabilities Required in South Africa

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Abstract: The absence of an adequate framework that defines Knowledge Management (KM) skills and capabilities makes it extremely difficult to determine the roles and responsibilities of knowledge practitioners in South Africa. Defining these skills and capabilities is essential because KM focuses on the gathering and storing of organisational information to ensure the effective and

Knowledge Scientists

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Abstract: Organizations across all sectors are increasingly undergoing deep transformation and restructuring towards data-driven operations. The central role of data highlights the need for reliable and clean data. Unreliable, erroneous, and incomplete data lead to critical bottlenecks in processing pipelines and, ultimately, service failures, which are disastrous for the competitive performance of the organization.

Top 3 Successful Knowledge Manager Skills

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Abstract: The specific tasks of an organization’s Knowledge Manager will depend on the size, needs, and capabilities of that organization. For example, some Knowledge Managers will manage large teams while others will be a one-person department. Generally speaking, Knowledge Managers work cross-functionally with departments and teams to establish company knowledge, improve its functionality, establish