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International Knowledge Management Conference and Award KM4D*

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The International Conference on Knowledge Based Management (KM4D), formerly the International Conference on Knowledge Management (KM4D) and the Knowledge for Development Partnership Meeting in Iran, is a 1 day conference held in conjunction with the International Award on Knowledge-Based Management (KM4D) Award Ceremony (the award is also known as the KM4D International Knowledge Management Award

Knowledge Leaders as Multipliers

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Abstract: In order for knowledge management (KM) to thrive, an organization requires a combination of conditions that form the runway from which a KM initiative can take off. There is general agreement that technology, human resources, organizational culture, and leadership are among the key enablers of successful KM. The intentions and actions of knowledge

Transformational Leadership Influences Knowledge Management to Improve Organizational Performance

Abstract: The current article shows how transformational leadership influences knowledge management to improve organizational performance through better use of a firm’s internal resources. Transformational leaders not only directly impact knowledge management, they also foster more effective strategy implementation and information technology use, which positively contribute to the effectiveness of knowledge management as a driver

Power-influence for the Knowledge Leader

Abstract: Knowledge management (KM) has been found to be a critical success factor for organizational performance. However, most organizations are found to be purely focused on the technological perspectives of KM initiatives at the expense of people perspective. They fail to realize that the success of any KM system relies upon the acceptance and