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Tonkin Corporation has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Transferring and Retaining Indigenous Knowledge, 27-29 September 2010, Canberra, Australia
    Transferring and Retaining Indigenous Knowledge is Come to learn about Indigenous ways of knowing, intergenerational transfer and knowledge preservation. Tonkin’s Transferring and Retaining Indigenous Knowledge conference is an insightful and in depth exploration of projects to ensure sustainable knowledge management for healthy communities. By attending this event, you will deepen your understanding of Indigenous knowledge management, Indigenous engagement protocols and strategies for community empowerment. GAIN insights into knowledge management, transfer and intellectual property; EXAMINE protocols for ethical community engagement and capacity building; DEVELOP new perspectives on Indigenous ways of knowing; EXPLORE pathways for future developments in knowledge transfer technology; HEAR 7 case studies from an expert panel of government and community presenters; NETWORK with and learn from the experience of your industry peers

      Indigenous knowledge in caring for country

      Conference Tracks:
      Transferring Indigenous Knowledge; Community Engagement, Intellectual Property; Retaining Indigenous Knowledge; Indigenous Ecological Knowledge

      Post-conference Workshops (Sep 29):
      Capacity building for Indigenous communities; Indigenous Cultural Awareness

  • The Knowledge Management & People Development Conference, 26-28 October 2009, Sydney, Australia
    The Knowledge Management & People Development Conference will examine issues such as using social networking tools to better connect employees, capturing knowledge and passing on lessons learnt and expertise, or developing a culture of knowledge sharing. It is intended for knowledge managers, L&D, organisational development professionals and anyone interested in retaining knowledge and building learning capacity across the organisation.

      Conference Themes:
      Social media & its application to business; Encourage knowledge transfer; Define & develop competencies; Strengthen learning networks; align with l&d goals; knowledge transfer & organisation development; Support organisational innovation; Metrics & business strategy; Use knowledge as an organisational asset; IP protection; Informal learning networks; Understand Generation Y; Social networking tools & technologies; Align with performance management goals

      Post-conference Workshops (Nov 28):
      Strategic knowledge sharing & stakeholder relationships: managing horizontally; Connecting people with people, and people with knowledge and information; Storytelling for Business: Developing leaders who can inspire and persuade

  • Learning & Development Summit**
    Address key communication strategies for learning and development in the organization as we measure the performance of our learning and development programmes; Gain new perspectives and insights on the latest in blended learning, technologies and more; Network with your peers representing many of the leading businesses and public sector organisations

    • 3rd Learning & Development Summit, 30 June – 2 July 2010, Sydney, Australia
      Conference Theme: Developing People & Organisations Through Innovative Learning Techniques

        Post-conference Workshop Day (Jul 2):
        Experiential Learning: Driving Engagement, Retention; Increasing Engagement In L&D: Leveraging Internal And External Networks For Success

    • 2nd Learning & Development Summit, April 23-24, Singapore
      Conference Theme: Ensuring the Relevancy of Your Learning and Development Programmes in the New Economic Reality

        Post-conference Workshop Day (Apr 24):
        Success from Within; Training Design; Secrets of Dynamic Trainers Revealed

    • 1st Learning & Development in Practice Conference, August 2008
      Conference Theme: …

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