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Academy of International Business Meeting (AIB)*

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The annual Academy of International Business Meeting (AIB) is hold each Summer (June-July) in various pre-determined locations around the world. Each conference features a combination of plenaries, panels, and papers. All papers presented at AIB conferences go through a double-blind review process. The abstracts of the presented papers are published as a conference proceedings.

Past Themes of special interest:

  • 2008: Knowledge Development and Exchange in International Business Networks
  • 2007: Bringing the Country Back In: The Importance of Local Knowledge in a Global Economy

Past recurring tracks of interest:

  • 2010-present: Knowledge, innovation, and technology (was: Global innovations; (Global) Innovation and Knowledge Management)
  • 2006, 2008-2009: (Harnessing the Power of) Learning, Knowledge and Innovation

Conference History:

AIB 2024 Annual Meeting, July 2 – 6, 2024, Seoul, South Korea

Conference Theme: The Dynamics of International Business
(Host: Kyung Hee University)

    Conference Program TBD

    Knowledge, innovation, and technology TRACK Sessions:
    Navigating Uncertainties in Global Innovation
    Artificial Intelligence, Digitalisation and Internationalisation
    Data Governance Diversity: The New Challenge of MNE in the Digital Era
    Networks for Innovation and Global Open Innovation
    Cross-Border Knowledge Governance and Learning in the MNC
    Nuances of International Knowledge Sharing and Transfer
    Innovation and the Multinational Enterprise
    Digitalization and Knowledge Management
    The Interplay between Innovation, Capabilities and Environment
    Big Techs and Implications for International Business
    Global R&D and International Patent Application in the Era of Digitalisation
    Knowledge Connectivity and Sustainability in MNCs
    Disruptive IB Knowledge Production: Why, How, What
    Organizational Learning and MNE Knowledge Management
    Networks, Collaborations and Geopolitical Tensions for MNC’s Innovation
    Technological Knowledge Management and Performance
    Startups, Acquisitions and Innovation Performance
    Boundary Spanning Knowledge Search and Creation

    Other TRACKs’ Sessions:
    Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning Through Managing People
    Managing Corporate Expatriates and Knowledge in MNEs
    Governance, Innovation and Knowledge Flow in a Dynamic World
    Learning and Capability Development in Firm Internationalization
    Technology, Learning, and Innovation in Emerging Markets

    Accelerating the Societal Impact of IB – A Showcase of Different Avenues to Knowledge Exchange and Engagement

    Teaching Cafés:
    Elevating Experiential Learning: Strategies for Industry and Corporate Engagement

AIB 2023 Annual Meeting, July 5 – 9, 2023, SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, Poland

Conference Theme: International Business Resilience under Global Disruptions
(Host: Department of International Management, SGH Warsaw School of Economics)

    Knowledge, Innovation, and Technology TRACK Sessions:
    Managing Knowledge in Conditions of Uncertainty
    Knowledge Seeking FDI and Global R&D
    How to Create Knowledge?
    Knowledge Flows Across National Boundaries
    Transferring Knowledge Across Borders
    Knowledge Governance in the MNC
    Global Open Innovation
    Innovation in and From Emerging Markets
    Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability
    Networks for Innovation
    Digitalization, Blockchain and High Technology MNCs
    Knowledge, Innovation, and Technology in the Era of Digitalization

    Other TRACKs’ Sessions:
    Thinking, Learning and Value Creation
    RBV, Competences and Learning in International Entrepreneurship
    Alliances and Networks

    Global Knowledge Sourcing in the Age of De-globalization

8th AIB-CEE Chapter Conference, 14-16 September 2022, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
(International Academic AIB-CEE (Central Eastern Europe) Chapter Conference)

Conference Theme: Knowledge and Sustainability in International Business
(Host: Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb)

    Note: Online Track on Sep 14, 2022; Originally the conference was scheduled for 14-16 September 2020 as 7th AIB-CEE Chapter Conference.

    The Time Paradox and Knowledge Strategies
    Knowledge, knowledge leakage and IPR in IB
    Intellectual capital and sustainability: From a performance-based to a worth-based perspective

    TRACK: Knowledge management and human resource development for sustainable innovation
    A knowledge management and analysis infrastructure for organizational innovative insights. A case study employing datamining techniques
    Development and Change of HRM in Light of Empirical Researches in Hungary During Three Waves of Covid-19
    Shaping Factors of CSR Activities of Russian Firms Originated in Monocities

    TRACK: Others
    Exploring and Managing Customer and Business Network Knowledge in the Online/Offline Internationalization of E-Commerce Firms
    How Knowledge Society Indicators Influence the Classification of EU Countries in The Sense of Social Development and Income Inequalities

AIB 2022 Annual Meeting, July 6 – 9, 2022, Miami, FL, USA / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Beyond Diversity and Inclusion: Equity and Fairness in International Business
(Host: Broad College of Business, Florida International University)

    Note: Virtual sessions differ from in-person sessions. Virtual Paper Presentations will be held July 15, 2022.

    Knowledge, Innovation, and Technology

    Paper Sessions:
    Virtual: Organizational Learning and Internationalization Process; Knowledge and Innovation; Strategic Decision Making Incorporating Innovation and Knowledge Transfer in Emerging Market
    In-person: Cross-Border Learning and Adaptation; Managing Knowledge Across Borders; Dynamic Capabilities and Knowledge Management; Networks and and Knowledge Management; Dynamic Capabilities, Learning and Efficacy; MNC Knowledge Acquisition and Innovation

AIB 2021 Annual Meeting, June 28 – July 2, 2021, Miami, FL, USA Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Disruption, Megatrends, and Transformation: Reimagining International Business in a Changed World
(Host: Business School, Michigan State University)

    Note: The meeting was originally scheduled for June 29 – July 3, 2021

    Knowledge, innovation, and technology

    Recontextualization, Translation and Knowledge Sharing: Understanding Language Effects on Organizational Transformation
    Academia, Business and Institutions (AIB): Challenges for Knowledge Transfer in Innovation Cooperation in the CEE region in a Post-Pandemic World

    Fellows Cafés: (roundtable discussions)
    International R&D and Global Knowledge Sourcing
    How will MNEs Manage Knowledge Sharing in a Post-Covid World of Travel Barriers and Novel Communication Technologies?

    Paper Sessions:
    MNE Knowledge and Host Country Effect
    Role of Knowledge in the Firm Innovation Process

AIB 2020 Annual Meeting, July 1-9, 2020, Miami, FL, USA Virtual venue

Conference Theme: How Crossing Borders Changes Business: The Multidirectional Movement of Policies, Practices and Knowledge in the 21st Century
(Host: Broad College of Business, Florida International University)

    Note: The meeting was originally scheduled for July 2-6, 2020. Hong Kong was announced as location for the AIB 2020 Annual Meeting. (Host: City University of Hong Kong, Business School, Department of Management; Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), School of Business; University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Business and Economics; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Lingnan University)

    Global innovations – MNE creation, transfer and exploitation of knowledge

    Paper Sessions:

AIB 2019 Annual Meeting, June 24-27, 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

Conference Theme: International Business in an Unsettling Political and Economic Environment
(Host: Department of Strategy and Innovation, Copenhagen Business School)

    Global innovation and knowledge management

    Teaching Cafés:
    Experiential Learning Projects

    Global Knowledge Sourcing
    Intellectual Property in International Business: The Missing Tools
    Experiential Learning Lesson Plan Workshop: Sharing Ideas and Strategies for Student Success
    Experiential Learning: IB Classroom Activities and Programs Format

    Paper Sessions:
    Learning Across Borders; Subsidiaries’ Role in Knowledge Creation and Transfer; IP, MNC Capabilities and Performance; Managing Global Innovation Network; Collaborations and Innovation; Intellectual Property and Innovation; Knowledge Management Across Organizations; Knowledge Sourcing and Transfer; Learning, Performance and Sustainability in Global Value Chains

60th AIB 2018 Annual Meeting, June 25-28, 2018, Minneapolis, USA

Conference Theme: Global Business and the Digital Economy
(Host: Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota; Opus College of Business, University of St. Thomas)

    Global innovation and knowledge management

    Knowledge of Firms and Countries: New Research and New Measures
    Protecting Knowledge Across Borders in the Digital Age (IKM Track Showcase Panel)

    Paper Sessions:
    Knowledge Leakage and Intellectual Property: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; Strategy to Protect and Source Knowledge Across Borders; Organizing for External Knowledge Sourcing; Absorptive Capacity and Ambidexterity in an International Context; Knowledge Transfer Across Borders and Cultures; Knowledge, Learning and Quality Management; Knowledge Management in Emerging Markets; Innovation and Knowledge Management in and from Emerging Markets; Internal and External Strategies for Innovation and Knowledge Managament

AIB 2017 Annual Meeting, July 2-5, 2017, Dubai, UAE

Conference Theme: The contribution of MNEs to building sustainable societies
(Host: Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government)

    Innovation and Knowledge Management

    Innovation & Knowledge Management Clinic A+B

    Places and Spaces in the Information Age

    Paper Sessions:
    Business Models, Knowledge, Resources and Networks in Internationalization Process of SMEs; Knowledge Sourcing and Learning; Performance and Learning; Individuals and Cross-Border Knowledge Sharing; Knowledge Flows Within the MNE; Knowledge Management Within the MNE; Spillovers in and from Host Countries; Capabilities and Innovation; Experiential Learning in the Undergraduate International Business Curriculum; M&A: The Role of Experience and Learning

AIB 2016 Annual Meeting, June 27-30, 2016, New Orleans, USA

Conference Theme: The Locus of Global Innovation
(Host: Business Department, Loyola University New Orleans; College of Business, Tulane University)

    Innovation and Knowledge Management

    Paper Sessions:
    Internalizing Knowledge in Emerging Markets; Influence of Institutional Environments on Innovation and Knowledge Seeking; Inter- and Intra-firm Knowledge Transfer; Knowledge Mobilization, Individual, and Organization; Innovation and Knowledge Sourcing in Emerging Markets; Knowledge-Sharing and Knowledge Transfer; Global and Local Knowledge for Innovation; Internationalization, Network, and Knowledge Orchastration; Institution, Organization, Learning and International Expansion; Developing Global Leaders through Experiential Learning

AIB 2015 Annual Meeting, June 27-30, 2015, Bengaluru, India

Conference Theme: Global Networks: Organizations and People
(Host: Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore)

    Innovation and Knowledge Management

    Virtual Organizations: Managing Learning and Sharing Knowledge Across Borders
    Learning from External Knowledge Sources in the Global Economy
    New Perspectives on Foreign Cultures as Sources of New Knowledge for Individuals and Firm

    Paper Sessions:
    Global Production and Knowledge Networks; Subsidiaries’ Role in Knowledge Creation and Transfer; Knowledge and Innovation; Learning Across Borders; Learning from Subsidiaries in Emerging Markets; Knowledge Management in Alliances; Managing Global Innovation Networks; Knowledge Sourcing and Transfer; Knowledge Sharing and Transfer within Multinational Companies; Exploration and Exploitation Across Borders

AIB 2014 Annual Meeting, June 23-26, 2014, Vancouver, Canada

Conference Theme: Local Contexts in Global Business
(Host: Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University)

    Innovation and Knowledge Management

    Boundary Spanning in Global Organizations

    Paper Sessions:
    Global Knowledge Management; International Business and the Resource-Based View; International Entrepreneurship: Knowledge, Capabilities and Learning; Networks of Innovation; Knowledge, Capabilities and the Competitiveness of Firms in Emerging Economies; Ambidexterity, Learning and Innovation; Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Transfer; Institutions and Knowledge Flows in Global MNEs; How MNEs Handle Human Resources Abroad: Boundary Spanning, Knowledge Sharing, and Trust Building; Knowledge, Culture and Innovation; Ambidexterity, Absorptive Capacity and Innovation; Knowledge and the Emerging Multinational Market; Knowledge Flows Across National Boundaries; Organizing Frameworks for Knowledge and Learning; Knowledge, Innovation, and Collaboration; Knowledge and the MNC; Networks, Learning and Entrepreneurial Internationalization; Managing Human Capital and Learning Processes

AIB 2013 Annual Meeting, July 3-6, 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

Conference Theme: Bridging the Divide: Linking IB to Complementary Disciplines and Practice
(Host: School of Management, Sabancı University; Department of Management, Koç University; Özyeğin University)

    Innovation and Knowledge Management

    Knowledge Diffusion and Innovation at the Intersection of Global Value Chains and Local Clusters: Perspectives from Emerging Markets
    Sharing Knowledge at a Distance: Obstacles and Facilitators
    Experiential Learning in the IB Classroom: Simulations and Role-playing
    Hands-On, Minds-On: Experiential Learning Projects in International Business Education

    Paper Sessions:
    Learning Innovative Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management in International Alliances; Innovation and Knowledge Capabilities; Managing MNE Capability and Knowledge; Knowledge Development; Knowledge Transfer, R&D, and Innovation; Knowledge Utilization; Entrepreneurial Knowledge Management; MNE, Subsidiaries, and Knowledge Management; Knowledge and Innovation; Institutions, Innovation and Knowledge; Institutions, Suppliers, and Knowledge; Knowledge, Learning and New Venture Internationalization; Management of Knowledge; Innovation, Knowledge and Performance; Performance, Knowledge, and Innovation; Internationalization Process and Knowledge; Diving into Deep Learning! Some Classroom Creativity & Insights; Capability Learning and the External Environment of Developing Economy MNEs

AIB 2012 Annual Meeting, June 30-July 3, 2012, Washington, DC, USA

Conference Theme: Rethinking the Roles of Business, Government and NGOs in the Global Economy
(Host: School of Business, George Washington University; Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland)

    Innovation and Knowledge Management

    Innovations in Leadership Development Learning from Outside Comfort Zones: Arts, Nature, History, Science, Community, Context
    External Knowledge Sourcing in the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

    Paper Sessions:
    Knowledge at Home and Abroad: Who Knows What?; Where is Knowledge in the Global Organization?; The Role of Learning and Knowledge in Entrepreneurial Firms; Balancing Exploration and Exploitation; Knowledge Creation in the MNE; MNE Innovation and Knowledge Diffusion; Institutional Environments, National Culture and Learning

AIB 2011 Annual Meeting, June 24-28, 2011, Nagoya, Japan

Conference Theme: International Business for Sustainable World Development
(Host: Faculty of Business Administration, Nanzan University)

    Innovation and Knowledge Management

    Paper Sessions:
    Exploration/Exploitation and Knowledge Sourcing; Knowledge, Innovation, and Networks; Learning Within and Across Organizations; Learning and Knowledge Generation in Asia; International Knowledge Creation, Access, and Transfer; Exploration and Innovation Performance; Sharing Knowledge Within and Across Firms; Knowledge and Attention in MNC Subsidiaries; International Knowledge Diffusion; Knowledge Acquisition and Knowledge Sharing; Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Capture; Understanding the Organizational Context

AIB 2010 Annual Meeting, June 25-29, 2010, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Conference Theme: International Business in Tough Times
(Host: Associação Nacional de Pós Graduação e Pesquisa em Administração; Fundação Getulio Vargas’s Sao Paulo School of Business Administration;…)

    Innovation and Knowledge Management

    Global Knowledge Sourcing: Modes, Locations, Processes and Outcomes
    Adaptation in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty: New Forms of Innovation and Learning in Emerging Markets

    Paper Sessions:
    External Sourcing of Knowledge; Performance Effects of Knowledge Diffusion; Dynamic Capabilities in a Global Context; Knowledge Sharing in Business Networks; Economic Effects of Knowledge Diffusion; Design of MNC Knowledge Strategies; Knowledge Transfer from MNC Subsidiaries; Knowledge Governance Mechanism; Knowledge Transfer in the MNC; Knowledge Strategies in MNCs; Learning Across Borders; Experiential Learning – Virtual Teams and Problem-Based Learning; Experiential Learning – Short-Term Study Abroad

AIB 2009 Annual Meeting, June 27-30, 2009, San Diego, California, USA

Conference Theme: Is the World Flat or Spiky? Implications for International Business
(Host: College of Business Administration, San Diego State University)

    Learning, Knowledge and Innovation

    Knowledge Diffusion and the Global Automotive Industry: Perspectives from Argentina, China, India, and the United States
    Knowledge Search and Innovation Strategies
    Edith Penrose and The Theory of the Growth of the Firm 50 Years on – Implications on the MNE and International Business Strategy
    Toward a New System of Innovation in Japan: Changes in Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Creation

    Paper Sessions:
    Dynamic Capabilities, Learning Capabilities and New Knowledge; Knowledge Spillovers in Emerging Economies; Transfer of Knowledge and Organizational Practices: Different Levels of Analysis and Theoretical Perspectives; Knowledge and Location; Knowledge Search and Innovation Strategies ; Knowledge Acquisition and Knowledge Sourcing; R&D, Innovation and Knowledge Protection; Knowledge in the Context of Multinationals and Human Resource Management; MNC Subsidiary Knowledge; Subsidiaries Knowledge Flows; Power, Complementaries & Sourcing Strategies; Transfer of Knowledge and Organizational Practices; Learning Across Borders; The Active Subsidiary: Knowledge, Complementaries & Entrepreneurship; Intra Firm Coordination, Entrepreneurship and Learning; Learning, Innovation, and Internationalization; Learning, Experience and Alliance Success

50th AIB 2008 Annual Meeting, June 30-July 3, 2008, Milan, Italy

Conference Theme: Knowledge Development and Exchange in International Business Networks
(Host: Department of Management, Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi)

    Learning, Knowledge and Innovation

    Knowledge Management in MNEs in Latin America (BALAS Special Session)
    Global Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Challenges in Technology Industries
    The Global Knowledge Sourcing: Micro and Macro Issues in Offshoring Decisions

    Paper Sessions:
    Knowledge and Firms’ Internationalisation Choices; The Role of Country Specificities in Knowledge Creation and Transfer; Subsidiary Innovation and Knowledge Transfer; Knowledge, Learning and Capability; Mechanisms and Factors Enhancing Knowledge Transfer; Learning, Innovation, and MNE’s International Performances; Investigating Knowledge at Multiple Levels of Analysis; Knowledge Flows in the Cross-regional and Cross-border Context; External Sourcing of Knowledge and Learning; Knowledge Creation in Emerging Firms and Countries; The Global Mindset Project: Creating Knowledge for Theory and Practice; Absorptive Capacity, Learning, and Technology Diffusion; Intra-MNE Knowledge Transfer; International Diffusion and Protection of Knowledge; Local Knowledge Spillovers and Subsidiaries; The Role of Subsidiaries in Knowledge Creation/Accumulation; The Role of Industry Specificities in Knowledge Creation and Transfer; Knowledge Spillovers and Local Development; Knowledge, Learning, Capabilities and International Business; Knowledge Creation, Acquisition and Transfer; Knowledge Transfer and Performance; Knowledge Creation and Networks; Knowledge and Value Creation in MNEs; Determinants of and Obstacles to Knowledge Transfer; Knowledge in the Context of FDI; Role of Experience and Knowledge in Internationalization – Evidence from Emerging Markets;

    Plenary Sessions:
    A Network for Knowledge Creation & Exchange: AIB Fellows Celebrate a Half Century of IB Research and Outline its Future
    Knowledge Development and Exchange in International Business Networks

AIB 2007 Annual Meeting, June 25-28, 2007, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Conference Theme: Bringing the Country Back In: The Importance of Local Knowledge in a Global Economy
(Host: Kelley School of Business, Indiana University)

    Global versus Local Knowledge in International Business

    The Value of Local Knowledge in International Business (fellow’s panel)
    The Use of Ex-Host Country Nationals or Returnees: The Importance of Local Knowledge in a Global Economy
    Corporate Governance in International Business: Local Requirements versus Global Expectations
    Methodological Issues in International Business: Location Choice, Knowledge Flows, and MNE Activity

    Paper Sessions:
    The Nature of Local Knowledge; Liability of Foreignness; Knowledge Transfer and Learning in Alliances and Networks; Knowledge Processes for Innovation; Exploration and Exploitation; Control & Coordination Mechanisms in Knowledge Transfer; Knowledge Transfer within Organizations; Experience and the Development of Capabilities; MNC Subsidiary and Local Knowledge; Networks and Intra-Firm Knowledge Transfer; New Ventures in the Knowledge Economy; Knowledge Management in Emerging Markets; Cultural Influences on Knowledge Transfer; Organizational Learning and Alliances

AIB 2006 Annual Meeting, June 23-26, 2006, Beijing, China

Conference Theme: From The Silk Road To Global Networks: Harnessing The Power Of People In International Business
(Host: Guanghua School of Management, Peking University)

    Harnessing the Power of Learning, Knowledge and Innovation

    Advances in Learning, Knowledge and Innovation (showcase panel)
    Knowledge Creation and Diffusion in Selected Creative Industries: Comparison of Film, Luxury Goods, Haute Cuisine and Newspapers
    Globalization of Human Capital: The Evolution From Knowledge Based Globalization and Implications for International Business Strategy and Management

    Paper Sessions:
    Knowledge Sourcing in MNCs; Knowledge Spillover; Cooperative Networks and Industry Clusters; Learning in Alliances; Determinants of Knowledge-Based Competencies; Managing the R&D and Learning Processes; Knowledge Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Innovative Capabilities, Knowledge Transfer and Relationships; Knowledge Brokers and Teams; MNCs’ Knowledge Capabilities; Learning Across Firm Boundaries; Absorptive Capacity; Knowledge, Learning and Adaptation

AIB 2005 Annual Meeting, July 9-12, 2005, Québec City, Canada

Conference Theme: Local Roots, Global Links
(Host: Faculty of Administration Sciences, Laval University)

    Innovation, Marketing, Internationalization of R&D, Location Choices of Knowledge Intensive Activities by MNCs

    Paper Sessions:
    Culture, Capabilities and Knowledge; Subsidiary Knowledge Creation; Inter-subsidiary Knowledge Transfer, and R&D Personnel Movements; Knowledge Integration and Knowledge Management in MNCs; Alliances, Knowledge and Inter-firm Technology Transfers; Alliances Acquisitions and Learning; Sharing What We Know; Learning and Expanding

AIB 2004 Annual Meeting, July 10-13, 2004, Stockholm, Sweden

Conference Theme: Bridging with the Other: The Importance of Dialogue in International Business
(Host: Institute for International Business, Stockholm School of Economics)


    Alliances and Knowledge Flows; Are You Experienced? The Role of Personal Knowledge; Hazardous Waste or Fountain of Knowledge? Spillovers and Geography; Knowledge: (1) Networks and Flows, (2) Becoming Strategically Intelligent; Diversification, Capabilities, and Knowledge: The Value of Knowing What You are Doing; Soaking up the Spillovers: Organisational Knowledge Sharing

AIB 2003 Annual Meeting, July 5-8, 2003, Monterey, California, USA

Conference Theme: The Power of Ideas and International Business
(Host: Fisher Graduate School of International Business, Monterey Institute of International Studies)


    Networks, Knowledge, and Trust in Interfirm Cooperation

    Measuring and Tracking Knowledge in Multinational Corporations: The Search for Metrics and their Limitations

    Paper Sessions:
    The International Flow of Ideas and Knowledge

AIB 2002 Annual Meeting, June 28-July 1, 2002, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Conference Theme: Geographies and International Business
(Host: College of Business Administration, University of Puerto Rico, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University)


    Geographic Strategies in Knowledge-intensive Industries
    Knowledge and Geography

    Paper Sessions:
    Knowledge Flows and Value Creation; Experience and Knowledge Transfers

AIB 2001 Annual Meeting, November 16-19, 2001, Sydney, Australia

Conference Theme: Looking Towards the Future
(Host: Australian Graduate School of Management, University of New South Wales/University of Sydney)


    Knowledge Based Competition in the Global Economy

    Paper Sessions:
    R&D, Knowledge and Geography; Learning in JV’s

AIB 2000 Annual Meeting, November 17-20, 2000, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Conference Theme: In Search Of Relevance For International Business Research: Impact On Management And Public Policy
(Host: Thunderbird – American Graduate School of International Management)


    Knowledge Management through IJVs

    International Strategic Alliance Research: Relevance and Knowledge Management

    Technology Diffusion and the Globalization of Knowledge

    Paper Sessions: Knowledge Development and Management in the MNC; Organizational Learning

AIB 1999 Annual Meeting, November 20-23, 1999, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Conference Theme: The Janus Face of Globalization
(Host: Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina)


    Global Knowledge Management as a Strategic Resource

    Paper Sessions:
    Foreign Direct Investment: Entry, Location, Human Capital and Knowledge Flows; Transcending Time and Space through Global Knowledge Management

40th AIB 1998 Annual Meeting, October 7-11, 1998, Vienna, Austria

Conference Theme: Transformation of Global Firms and the Global Economy
(Host: Institute of International Marketing Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration)


    Culture and Consequences – Knowledge across Borders in Transformation: Perspectives on the Dynamics of Knowledge Sharing among Firms, Teams and Individuals in Multinational Contexts

    Paper Sessions:
    The Rumble: Knowledge Versus Internalization Views; Networks, Knowledge and Trust; Capabilities, Knowledge and Statistical Modelling in Strategy Research

AIB 1997 Annual Meeting, October 8-12, 1997, Monterrey, Mexico

Conference Theme: The New Regionalism: Spanning Trade Blocs around the World
(in conjunction with the XXXII Assembly of the Latin American Council of Business Schools (CLADEA); Host: Graduate School of Business Administration and Leadership, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey)


    Paper Sessions:
    Knowledge Transfer in Organizations

AIB 1996 Annual Meeting, September 26-29, 1996, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Conference Theme: ?
(Host: University of Calgary)


    The Metanational Corporation: Knowledge Orchestration in the Modern Firm

    Paper Sessions:
    Organizational Learning in a Cross-Cultural Context

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