Association of Knowledge Work ‘Star-Series’: Knowledge Management in Academia


  • KM in academic programs;
  • How the academic context influences the KM that is taught;
  • What / How should it be taught;
  • KM applied to academia (physician heal thyself);
  • Certification;

How is knowledge management taught at the university? When KM started moving up the awareness charts of academic publications in the 1990s, it started to be a topic of academic instruction. Since then, the topic has come in and out of favor in various academic programs around the world. There are many current programs in North America, and I’m familiar with programs in Australia and Singapore.

Jack Vinson: Knowledge Management in Academia. Preparing for Conversations with Jack Vinson. AOK Star Series, May 2007

About the Series: Each month the Association of Knowledgework Star Series welcomes an outstanding knowledge professional as guest moderator for one of our four e-mail discussion groups. These luminaries range from the highly acclaimed to the rising stars of knowledge work and they engage in “Conversations” with our members over periods of two weeks or more.

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