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The Asian College of Knowledge Management (ACKM), 1) 2) ATTENTION!… formerly the Asian Knowledge Management Association (AKMA) and the Asian Academy of Knowledge Management (AAKM), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certifications 3)

  • AKAMA Certified / PVCHK Registered Intellectual Property Consultant
  • AKAMA Certified Intellectual Property Auditor
  • AKAMA Certified Knowledge Management Manager
  • AKAMA Certified Knowledge Management Auditor
  • AKAMA Certified / PVCHK Registered Knowledge Management Trainer
  • AKAMA Certified / PVCHK Registered Knowledge Management Consultant


  • Professional Fellowship & Honorary Awards: Fellowship, Associate Fellowship**, Senior Fellowship, Honorary Professor, Honorary Doctorate 4)
  • Associate Fellow of Business Administration (AFBA) Program
  • Fellow of Business Administration (FBA) Program


  • KM1010 Intellectual Property: Legal Aspects of Intellectual Property
  • KM1020 Intellectual Property: Intellectual Property Management System
  • KM1030 Intellectual Property: Intellectual Property Audit
  • KM2010 Knowledge Management: Strategies & Applications
  • KM2020 Knowledge Management: Standards & Systems
  • KM2030 Knowledge Management: Technologies & Platforms
  • KM2040 Knowledge Management: Knowledge Auditing
  • KM2050 Knowledge Management: Management of Training
  • KM2060 Knowledge Management: Consulting Methodology

Workshops and Seminars

  • Aug 2006: Seminar: New Forces in Knowledge Management 5)
  • Jul 2004: Training: Knowledge Management
  • Nov 2003: Workshop: Knowledge Share Workshop
  • Mar 2003: Workshop: Knowledge Management for Marketing Professionals – Developing Knowledge Baesd Marketing Strategy for Growth
  • Feb 2003: Seminar: Developing Relationship Capital for Competitive Advantage; Seminar: Knowledge Management
  • Jan 2003: Workshop: Knowledge Management for Project Managers – A Knowledge-Driven Approach to Project Management; Seminar: An Action Learning Approach to the Implementation of Knowledge Management Projects; Seminar: The Knowledge Economy; Seminar: The Marketer’s Roles in the Knowledge Economy
  • Mar 2002: Seminar: Knowledge Management: Key to Success in the 21st Century 6)
  • Jun 2001: Seminar: Knowledge Management


  • “Asian Knowledge Leaders Award” and the “Asia Knowledge Management Award” (AAKM/AKMA Annual Awards Ceremony)
    – Sep 2008, Mar 2011
  • Sep 2003: Inauguration Ceremony
  • FBA / AFBA events
  • Fellowship (CIM/CCIBA) & Honorary Award Presentation Ceremony
    – 2009, 2011, 2012 (CIM/CCIBA)
  • Regular Fellowship/Academic Dinner


  • AKMA Free Lecture

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