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Singapore Governement’s Civil Service College (CSC)1) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM)2)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Graduate Diploma in Change Management – Leading and Sustaining Change through Organisational Learning**
  • Master of Science in Knowledge Management (by coursework)**3)
      Core Subjects (Compulsory)
      Information and Knowledge Society
      Information and Knowledge Sources
      Foundations of Knowledge Management
      Knowledge Management Tools
      Communications and Organisational Behaviour

      Electives (Select any 4)
      Internet Technologies & Applications
      Business Intelligence
      Electronics Records and Documents Management
      Electronic Commerce and Knowledge Management
      Technopreneurship and Wealth Creation
      Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
      Human Capital Management
      Knowledge Management Measurement
      Knowledge Management in Public Sector
      Communication Management and Leadership
      Learning Organisations
      Knowledge Classification and Organisation
      Intellectual Capital
      Special Topic 1
      Special Topic 2

      Project (Compulsory)
      Knowledge Management Research Project


  • KMW10 Knowledge Management introductory Workshop (2 days; Open to Public Officers only)
    Course Outline
    Compelling Case for Knowledge Management
    • Changing nature of economy and work
    • Emergence of a new breed of organisation
    • Why the need for Knowledge Management?
    • Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises

    What is Knowledge Management
    • The Knowledge Spectrum
    • Knowledge Transfer Model
    • Perspectives of Knowledge Management
    • Building Knowledge Management definition and vision
    • Knowledge Management Process

    Supporting Knowledge Management
    • Knowledge Management principles
    • Qualities of knowledge workers
    • Knowledge sharing techniques /storytelling
    • Communities of Practice

    How to Kick-Start Knowledge Management
    • Knowledge Management experience in the public sector
    • Knowledge Management Roadmap
    • Knowledge Management roles and responsibilities
    • Case studies discussion


  • Organisational Learning Conference (OL Conference)**
    The bi-annual Organisational Learning Conference (OL Conference), successor of the Organisational Learning (OL) Practitioners’ Forum, aims to discuss the latest trends and practices on how organisational learning principles and tools can help government/public sector bodies build capacity for change.

    • 3rd OL Conference 2009, 3 March 2009, Singapore
      Conference Theme: Thriving in Complexity: Learning Across Boundaries

        Plenary Sessions:
        Leaders in Conversation by Ascendas

        Concurrent Workshops:
        Sustainable Leadership Development by Dr Phil Ramsey
        Change The Way We See by Dr Jacob Lee

        Practitioners’ Sharing Forums:
        Can Developing Organisational Culture Be Simple? Insights from ‘One College’ Culture Development Journey by CSC
        Shared Vision by HDB
        Narratives as Tools for Organisational Learning by MOE
        Heartwork@NorthLight by Northlight School
        Transformation Behind Bars: Changing Minds, Changing Hearts, and Changing People by SPS

    • 2nd OL Conference 2006, 1 March 2006, Singapore
      Conference Theme: Leading Organisations into the Future: re-Thinking, re-Designing and re-Making
      (Organizer: Inter-Agency OL Steering Committee)

        Note: The conference was originally scheduled for 27-28 February 2006

        Plenary Sessions: (3)

        Practitioners’ Forums:
        Singapore Police Force (SPF): Reframing for the Future
        Ministry of Education (MOE): MOE’s Innovation and Enterprise Journey
        Singapore Armed Forces (SAF): Leadership Development through Organisational Learning – The SAF JourneyDefence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA): Change, And More Changes?
        Central Provident Fund Board (CPF): What We Want ‘Really’
        Shell Eastern Petroleum: Leadership Development Portfolio and Competency Framework

        Concurrent Workshops: (5)

    • 1st OL Conference 2003, 12-13 May 2003, Singapore
      Conference Theme: Leading and Sustaining Organisational Change

        Plenary Sessions:
        The Challenges of Leading and Sustaining Organisational Change
        The Challenges of Initiating Change
        Sustaining Transformation-Sense Making in Crisis and Complexities
        The hallenges of Rethinking and Redesigning Organisational Change

        Practitoners’ Sharing Forum
        Riding the Tsunamis:Planning & Navigating through Business Change

        Concurrent Workshops:
        Workshop D: System Thinking

    • OL Practitioners’ Forum, 30 June 2001, Singapore
        New Learning:
        – Managing Polarities: Searching for Common Ground
        National Community Leadership Institute Sharing:
        – JTC’s organisational journey
        – An Organisational Learning (OL) activist’s organisational learning journey in IRAS
        – The upcoming Society for Organisational Learning (SoL), Singapore
        – IPAM’s upcoming LO programmes

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