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The Nanyang Technological University (NTU), formerly the Nanyang Technological Institute, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) > Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI)1) (> Division of Information Studies*2))

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Master of Science in Knowledge Management (Options: by Coursework; by Coursework and Dissertation)
  • Master of Communication Studies (by research; Information Studies**: knowledge organization, knowledge management applications and practices)
  • Doctor of Philosophy | Communication and Information (by research; Information Studies: knowledge organization, knowledge management applications and practices (was: Knowledge Management, Knowledge Organisation and Discovery))

Past/Discontinued Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Master of Applied Science (by research; Information Studies: Knowledge Management, Knowledge Organisation and Discovery)**
  • MSc Information Studies (Concentration: Information Management and Systems > Specialisation: Knowledge Management)**3)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (by coursework: Knowledge Management, Knowledge Organisation and Discovery)**


  • Jun 2007: Developing KM Professionals for a Knowledge Society: A dialogue and forum (co-organized with IKMS and Pearson Education)


  • Knowledge Management Interest Group*4)

National Institute of Education (NIE) > Office of Education Research (OER)


  • Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP) > Learning Sciences and Innovation Group/Research Programme (LSI)5)
    • Knowledge Building Community (Singapore), aka Knowledge Building Singapore6)
  • Science of Learning in Education Centre (SoLEC)7)


Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP) > Learning Sciences and Innovation Group (LSI)

  • Knowledge Building Symposium (KB Symposium)*
  • Knowledge Building Summer Institute (KBSI 2019) – Singapore , March 12-13, 2019, Singapore
    (in conjunction with the Knowledge Building International Network Learning Session)
  • Knowledge Building Summer Institute (KBSI 2016), June 22-23, 2016, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    (in conjunction with the International Conference of the Society of the Learning Sciences (ICLS), Jun 20-24)

Science of Learning in Education Centre (SoLEC)

  • Science of Learning Symposium, 17 February 2022, Online
    Symposium Theme: Science of Learning in East Asia Symposium

      Culturally Appropriatre Education: Evidence from Educational Neuroscience
      Socio-cultural Influences, Socioeconomic Differences,
      and Cognition: Bangkok and Hong Kong Compared
      Towards a Science of Learning-Informed Approach for Including Primary School Students with Special Educational Needs: Current Contributions and Future Directions

      Panel discussion / Q&A Session

  • Science of Learning Symposium (SoL Symposium), 2 November 2018, Singapore
    Symposium Theme: From Laboratories to Learning (Inaugural symposium)
    (Organizer: Office of Education Research)

      Dyscalculia, a learning disability that causes children to struggle with mathematics
      Role of cognitive control in shaping one’s attention, learning outcomes as well as the ability to multi-tas

      Working memory and parents in contributing to the development of children’s mathematical skills
      Impact of long-term sleep deprivation on adolescents’ mood, memory and cognitive function
      Neural-informed, game-based interventions to help low-progress learners in mathematics
      Bilingualism and bi-literacy in the Singapore context

      Panel Discussions:
      Questions from the audience on speakers’ presentations

  • Symposium on Learning Sciences, 29 December 2016, Singapore
    Symposium Theme: A Dialogue on the Nexus of Learning Sciences Research and Practice
    (Organizer: Learning Sciences Lab, Office of Education Research)

      LSL presentations & discussions:
      A Body of Knowledge: Embodied Cognition and Mathematics Education Research
      The Rationale and Conditions for Teaching Disciplinary Literacy in Science: A brief Introduction
      Promoting Academic and Digital Literacy among “at risk” Students through Cognitively Demanding Activities

      How research and practice inform each other within the field of learning sciences
      Learning processes and design of learning environments


Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP) > Learning Sciences and Innovation Group (LSI)

  • Sep 2021: Strategies for the Classroom: Students working as a Knowledge Building Communities @ Nanyang Polytechnic
  • (s)KBDS – (Student) Knowledge Building Design Studio // Knowledge Buliding Singapore Event
    • Oct 2024: TBD (3 days KBDS)
    • Inaugural Kids’ Conference Asia 2024, July 9, 2024 @ NIE
      Promising Ideas – Knowledge Builders – Future Ready: Showcasing Students’ Work from Knowledge Building Design Studio 2024
    • Jun 2024: TBD (3 days KBDS)
    • Oct 2023: #08 Sustainability (1 day KBDS)
    • Jun 2023: #07 Data Science and Sustainability & International KB Community: Apply Data Science to Build Knowledge About Our Environment (3 days KBDS & KBDS)
    • Nov 2022: #06 Data Science & Sustainability (2 days KBDS)
    • Jun 2022: #05 Sustainability (3 days KBDS)
    • Nov 2021: #04 Saving Planet, Saving Lives (2 days sKBDS + pre-KBDS Refresher Course)
    • Jun 2021: #03 Knowledge Building in the New Normal (2 days sKBDS)
    • Nov 2020: #02 Saving Lives, Saving Planet (3 days sKBDS)
    • Nov 2019: #01 Sustainable Cities and Communities (2 days sKBDS)
  • Knowledge Building Community – Network Learning Sessions (KBC-NL)
    • Sep 2024: TBD
    • Mar 2024: nowledge Building for Everyone
    • Apr 2023: Seeing Students Voices
    • Mar 2022: Imagining New Possibilities in the Hybrid World: Cross Community Knowledge Building
      (Co-hosts: University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen SongHe Primary School)
    • Sep 2021: Bridging research and practice in Knowledge Building: Drawing insights from neuroscience and psychology research
    • Mar 2021: Knowledge Building Classroom: E-Pedagogy in Action
    • Sep 2020: Learning Analytics for Knowledge Building Discussion – Workshop
    • Apr 2020: Implementing the Use of Knowledge Building during Home-based Learning
    • Oct 2019: Building Block: Can Children Really be Expected to Create New Knowledge?
      (Host: Ramakrishna Mission Sarada Kindergarten)
    • Mar 2019: Knowledge Building Practices and Technology for Global Hubs of Innovation
      (Co-hosts: St. Hilda’s Primary School; 2 days Knowledge Building International Network Learning Session @ Knowledge Building Summer Institute)
    • Jul 2018: Learning Analytics (LA) in Knowledge Building Classrooms
      (Host: Teck Whye Secondary School)


Office of Education Research (OER): Professional Development (PD) Seminar/Webinar Series

  • Mar 2022: Understanding Social Network Processes: Peer Selection and Influence in Changing Social Networks; Social Network Analysis Using Gephi
  • Feb 2022: Experiential Learning (EL) and Reflective Practice
  • MMM 2021: Neuroscience of Learning and Emotions: A Dynamic, Personalised View
  • Sep 2021: Teacher Professionalism and Learning: Local Research Evidence for Practitioners and Schools
  • Mar 2021: Teaching and Learning of 21st Century Competencies: Insights from 119 Studies in Singapore
  • Feb 2016: Trends of Learning and Instruction Articles from 2003 to 2012

Nanyang Business School (NBS; College of Business)*8)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Master of Business Administration (Specialization: Knowledge Management)**
  • PhD Programme (research area: Knowledge and Innovation Management)9)


NTU NBS Alumni Association: NBS Focus Point – Thought Leadership Talks and Forums

  • Sep 2015: Transforming into a Knowledge Ready Organisation

Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU)10)


Short WKWSCI Professional Development Courses

  • Knowledge Management Tools
  • Managing Your Business Knowledge Assets** (SkillsFuture Series short course; was: How To Stop Your Business’ Knowledge From Walking Out The Door)
  • Demystifying Knowledge Management**
  • Building Thesauri & Taxonomies for Knowledge Organization & Management** (was: Taxonomies For Organizing Knowledge On Intranets & Portals)
  • Applied Data Mining for Knowledge Management and Discovery**

Long Term WKWSCI Professional Development Courses

  • Executive Knowledge Management Programme (EKMP)**

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