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Engage Business Media offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

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  • engage Knowledge Management Conference*
      This conference will take a deep dive into how organisations are having to handle more information every day than ever before, as nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated daily. This sheer amount of data can quickly become unwieldy on both a company and at employee level – by joining this event, you’ll learn how to manage data to improve your organisational offering.


Your Coffee Break with…

    The Main Risks of Not Adopting a KM Strategy
    How is the future of work is shaping KM?
    Common Mistakes in Implementing Knowledge Management Initiatives
    Knowledge Management at The Royal Mail Group
    How are knowledge management initiatives revolutionising the human experience? (panel)

Provider Podcasts

    Stop Juggling: How to Take Control of all Your Enterprise Knowledge


On-demand Webinars

    Does knowledge management still matter in a digitised world?


International Engage Awards (since 2016)

  • 2022 Best Use of Knowledge Sharing
      Winner: IBM Consulting UK Ltd

      OVO (Highly Commended)
      IBM Consulting UK Ltd
      MetLife UK
      ORC (OR Colan Associates)

  • 2021 Best Use of Knowledge Management
      WINNER: Financial Services Compensation Scheme

      Knauf UK & Ireland (Highly Commended)
      Legal and General & Cowry Consulting
      UAP Limited

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