Framework for Teaching Knowledge Management

Abstract: Knowledge management (KM) has come of age. In the knowledge-based economy, mastering KM skills places new college graduates in a stronger position to become valuable knowledge workers contributing effectively to their organization’s well-being. Even though KM has been practiced with major successes in the real world for quite some time, the body of industry practice has not quite found its way into university courses. We present a structure that should facilitate the diffusion process to universities by making it easier for an instructor to make the intellectual commitment to teach KM. We believe that the Knowledge Chain (KC) Model, field tested with empirical evidence gathered from KM practitioners worldwide, can provide useful guidance in creating core KM teaching modules with numerous emphases. KM is such a powerful and vital topic that it won’t be long before it moves across curricula encompassing numerous disciplines.

Keywords: Knowledge management, knowledge chain model, competitive advantage, core modules, curricula.

Meenu Singh: A Framework for Teaching Knowledge Management as a College Course. International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology, Vol. 2 No. 6; March 2012, pp. 138-147

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