Hong Kong Knowledge Management Conference (HKKMS/KMIRC Conference)**

Hong Kong Knowledge Management Conference (HKKMS/KMIRC Conference)**

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The Hong Kong Knowledge Management Conference (HKKM, HKKMS or HKKMS/KMIRC Conference), initially the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Forum (HKKM Forum), is organized by the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society (HKKMS) in partnership with Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre (KMIRC), formerly the Knowledge Management Research Centre (KMRC).

The HKKM or HKKMS/KMIRC Conference series is the successor of the Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference (APKMC), which was hosted by the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society (HKKMS) from 2001-2006 as the annual conference “developed” by the society…

Conference History:

HKKMS/KMIRC 2018 Half Day Conference, 28th February 2018, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management by Design

    A worldwide benchmarking study of Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital and their impact on organizational performance
    Sharing on knowledge risk and its effective management
    Design: Utilising and Generating Knowledge for the Creation of a Better World
    Of Horses and Unicorns: The why, what & how of digital adoption

HKKMS/KMIRC 2017 Half Day Conference, 31 August 2017, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence: People and Technology

    AI: a critical assessment of its resurgence in the 21st century
    Applying AI to Language – 5 very different AI case studies
    Managing customer experience in an AI-filled future
    Getting the BE/ST from AI: why Information and Knowledge need Behavioural Economics and Storytelling

    Panel Discussion

HKKMS/KMIRC Half-Day Conference, 28 May 2015, Hong Kong

    Why effective Knowledge Capture & Retention matters
    The future of work
    Knowledge Management Change Leadership: Strengthening Knowledge Ready Organisations

HKKMS/KMIRC Half-Day Conference, 14 November 2014, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management: The Road Ahead

    The Future of Knowledge Management
    Conversational Leadership
    Applying Knowledge Management to protect cultural heritage
    Collective Sensemaking: The heartbeat of the organization

HKKMS (Half-Day) Conference, 28 March 2014, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management in Practice

    What you can achieve if you audit and manage your knowledge assets consistently
    The state of the Internet – man verses machines?
    Creating Trust and Uniting staff at a global and local level

HKKMS 2013 Conference, 26 November 2013, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management and Big Data – friends or enemies?
(in co-operation with the Business Information Industry Association)

    Creating the Future: The Intelligent machines
    Social makes sense of Big data
    Cloud Computing and Big Data for Service Innovations & Learning
    “Big Data”, a new resource to detect and INTERPRET weak signals?
    The Future of Information marketplaces

    Closing Panel:
    Big data : Hype or the real thing

HKKM (Half-Day) Conference, 21 March 2013, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Beyond Knowledge Management – Delivering value

    On Collaboration
    On Complexity
    On Customer Innovation
    On convergence

    Panel Discussion

    Pre-Conference Workshop (Mar 20):
    Digital Storytelling on the Web

HKKM (Half-Day) Conference, 4 March 2011, Hong Kong

    The Intangibles in Building a Knowledge Sharing Culture
    Brief History of Hong Kong MAKE
    The Knowledge café – what is it and how does it work?

    Knowledge Cafe:
    Brief Cases Sharing by the MAKE Award Winners

HKKM Conference, 30 March 2010, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Making Knowledge Management Productive: Strategy Alignment and Performance Tools

    Managing Knowledge Strategically: The Challenge of Selectivity
    Managing Intellectual Capital in the Proactive Enterprise
    Strategy in the Age of Uncertainty
    Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)
    Making Knowledge Management Projects Work
    Impact of Design Thinking on Knowledge Management

    Panel Discussion (fish-bowl):
    Knowledge Management: the past 50 years

    Post-Conference Workshops (Mar 31):
    The Gurteen Knowledge Café Masterclass; Design Thinking And Knowledge Management: A New Approach; Effective facilitation for knowledge communities

HKKM Conference, 31 March 2009, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture

    Mindset Challenges in Knowledge Ecology
    Working with Communities of Practice
    Case Study: Pioneering Knowledge Management in a service industry
    Knowledge Community
    Knowledge Management and Information Technology (Presentations from EMC2 and Fusion System)
    Lessons from Scandinavia – creating a knowledge sharing culture
    Resilience, Connectivity and Evolution

    Panel Discussion:
    Review key issues, agreements and recommendations arising from the day

HKKM Forum, 27 March 2008, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: KM 2.0: Knowledge Management in a Wiki World

    Everything is Fragmented
    E-Discovery in Present Worlds and the Future Web
    Measuring Human Capital Value
    Knowledge communities and social media: enhancing connections and knowledge flows
    Knowledge Café: Some Signals from the Future

    Workshop / Table discussion:
    What KM2.0 could mean

    Panel Discussion:
    New IT tools / A new way of working?

    Post-Conference Workshops/Master Classes (Mar 28):
    Leveraging tools and processes to exercise effective Personal Knowledge Management and Peer-based collaborations; Knowledge Resource Mapping: integrating K2.0 applications into corporate reality; Navigating the unstructured world of social computing

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