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The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Practical Knowledge and Quality Requirements for Functional Apparel
  • Use of Knowledge Management Tools (as part of a consultancy service)

Free Seminars on Knowledge and Performance Management

  • Customer Knowledge Management, Shenzhen (July 2006)
  • General Knowledge Management, Guangzhou (July 2006)


  • Asian Knowledge Forum cum 2014 MAKE Award Presentation Ceremony, 13-15 January 2015, Hong Kong 1)
    Forum Theme: Sustaining your business through knowledge productivity
    (Co-organizer: Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre (KMIRC) and HKPC)


  • Feb 2012: HKCS BIKMSIG Forum: Riding on the sustaining competitive edge of ICT-driven Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) and Organizational Learning (OL) to win in current economic glacier (Co-organizer: Hong Kong Computer Society, Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management Special Interest Group (BIKMSIG) and HKPC)


  • Hong Kong Knowledge Management Development Community (KMDC) 2)

HKPC Academy (2004-2017: Productivity Training Institute)


Knowledge Management Essentials Training Series

    Workshop 1: Build Positive Culture, Enhance Sales and Service, and Obtain Award as Recognition through Knowledge Management – A “Non-IT” Overview on Knowledge Management Essentials

ISO 9001:2015 Training series

  • The Knowledge Management

Briefing Sessions

  • Achieving Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award Assessment-Improvement-Award Preparation

Business Management Training Centre*


Management Training Series

  • Balanced Scorecard

Supervisory Training Series

  • How to apply Knowledge Management in Organization

Frontline Training Series

  • How to apply Knowledge Management in Organization

Asian Benchmarking Clearinghouse (ABC)*

Graduate Degrees/Programs

Knowledge Management Diploma/Certificate Programs 3)

  • Knowledge Management Certificate Program**
  • Knowledge Management Diploma Program**


Public and In-company Training (recurring)

  • Knowledge Management (KM) 101 Workshop: Best Practices Sharing & Knowledge Transfer (also in-company)
  • After Action Review (AAR)/ Implementation Supremacy Review (ISR) Workshop (also in-company)
  • Who Moved My Cheese? (Change Management Program)
  • Document Management System Planning Workshop
  • Merging Knowledge Management and Six Sigma Seminar
  • Knowledge Management Portal Strategy (Planning and Deployment) Seminar
  • Business Innovation: Thinkertoys© Creative Thinking Workshop (also in-company)
  • Knowledge Management For New Product Development
  • Business Intelligent and Data Warehousing Solution Workshop
  • Knowledge Management Seminar / Workshop
  • Using Acrobat for Knowledge Sharing Workshop (Application Tips and Hands-on)
  • Benchmarking In Action Workshop
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management Workshop
  • Systems Thinking (in-company only)
  • Internal benchmarking and transfer of best practices (public and in-company?)
  • Knowledge management for competitive advantage (public and in-company?)

Driving Corporate Performance Through Knowledge Sharing (Knowledge Management Portal Planning Session)

    Strategies for Successful Portal Design
    Manageing Knowledge for Competitive Edge
    Content Management and Collaboration
    The Inside Story of a Portal Implementation

Free Half-Day Seminars (2003)

    Business Innovation – Thinkertoys Creative Thinking
    Systems Thinking (11 April, 2003)
    Change Management – Who Moved My Cheese?
    Knowledge Management

Solaris Security (2002)

    Hacking and Network Security (SS01)
    OS Hardening (SS02)
    Data Recovery (Solstic Disksuit/ ODS) (SS03)


BGCA Knowledge Management Conference (KMC2003), 21-22 November 2003, Hong Kong
Conference Theme: Enhancing Performance Through Knowledge Sharing
(Organizer: Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA); Advised & implemented by the Hong Kong Productivity Council)

    Daily Focus:
    Organizational Knowledge Management; Enhancing Personal Proficiency Through KM

    Social Welfare TRACK:
    Embarking On The Knowledge Journey
    Knowledge Sharing Through An e-Learning Platform
    Personal Knowledge Management To Knowledge-community (panel discussion)

    Commercial Practices TRACK:
    Capturing Learning Through After Action Review (AAR)
    Learning Through Sharing

    Knowledge Management Tools TRACK:
    Knowledge Sharing In Practice
    Examining Collaborative Platform

    Education TRACK:
    Building A Collaborative Learning Platform for Hong Kong: HkedCity and Knowledge Forum (panel discussion)

    Exploring and Re-distributing Knowledge For Global Development
    Knowledge Management and Education Reform

    Building A Collaborative Organization
    Knowledge Management Implementation In The Social Services Sector
    Knowledge Building and Sharing In Social Services
    Knowledge Management-enabled Bid Management
    Implications From Knowledge Management Survey 2003
    Looking Ahead: Making Knowledge Management Work – Starting From Sharing

Knowledge Management Greater China Conference and Exhibition (KM Greater China)

  • KM Greater China, September 17-19, 2003, Hong Kong
  • KM Greater China, June 11-13, 2003, Guangzhou, China
  • Knowledge Management Solution Showcase, January 24-25, 2002, Hong Kong
    Conference Theme: Transforming Information into Knowledge for New Economy Businesses
    (Co-organizer: Pacific Century Cyberworks; Knowledge Associates International)

      Pre-conference Masterclasses (Jan 23):
      Knowledge Management Strategic Masterclass
      Knowledge Management for Banking and Finance Industry

      Surviving The Knowledge-driven Economy: The Contemporary Role of Knowledge Management
      Business Transformation at Shell: The Voyage From Fuel To Knowledge
      The Knowledge Management Journey Ahead: A Global Perspective
      Corporate Success Through Tacit Knowledge Mining
      Knowledge-conscious Management in Financial Services: Are we ready for it?
      Exploiting Business Values with Knowledge Management
      The Role of Repositories In Successful Knowledge Management
      A Knowledge System as Intermediary
      The Roadmap of Knowledge Management

      Parallel Presentations:
      Reinventing your organization with an Effective Knowledge Strategy
      Locating Explicit Knowledge
      Knowledge Management Facilitation by Content Management
      Organizational Knowledge Process Re-engineering
      Cleaning Up The Information
      The Power of Knowledge Portal
      Motivating A Strategic Learning Enterprise
      Knowledge Synchronization
      Knowledge System Integration
      Knowledge Management Experience – A Perspective From Singapore Civil Service College
      Knowledge Management Training
      Effective Knowledge Sharing
      Knowledge Harvesting
      What Technology Means To Knowledge Management
      Knowledge-on-demand Applications

      Executive Breakfast Meeting (By Invitation Only)

  • Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference
    (Orgainzed by Knowledge Dialogues and the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Forum (HKKMF); 1999-2000 in association with the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and Mindtheme)

    • 2001-2008
    • 2nd Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference (APKMC), 28-29 November 2000, Hong Kong, China
      Conference Theme: Managing Knowledge in a Networked Economy: Developing Knowledge Management Practices and Communities in Asia-Pacific
    • 1st Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference (APKMC), 2-3 December 1999, Hong Kong, China
      Conference Theme: Knowledge Management in Asia: Strategic Directions for Business Transformation


Knowledge Management Study Missions

  • Turning Corporate Knowledge into Strategic Asset and Competitive Edge in the New Millennium, Sep 27 – Oct 2, London, United Kingdom
      Visits to Rank Xerox UK, IBM UK, Lotus Corp UK and Science Park & Innovation Centre of University of Cambridge

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