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The Knowledge Management Development Centre (KMDC), formerly the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Development Community, 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Community Events

  • Sharing sessions, seminars, season dinners, roundtables, onsite/company visits, knowledge cafes, social networking events, forums on topics in Knowledge Management
    List of meetings


  • Knowledge Management Symposium, May 20th, 2005, Hong Kong 2)
    The 1-day symposium aims to enhance organization performances and competitive edges through sharing both overseas and local successful Knowledge Management initiatives with lessons learned from the Management Consulting Industry.

Graduate Programs

  • Knowledge Management Diploma/Certificate Program** 3)

Special Interest Groups

  • …in the areas of After Action Review (AAR), Customer Knowledge Management (CKM), Action Learning, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Project Management


Seminars & Workshops

  • Knowledge Management Seminar Session Series** 4)
    • D4CM4 Knowledge Management Culture
    • D4CM5 Benchmarking & Best Practices
    • D4CM6 & D4CM7 Peer Assist & After Action Review
    • D4CM8 Document Management System
    • D4CM9 Knowledge Management Portal and e-Workplace
    • D4UK1 Knowledge Creation and Innovation
    • D4UK2 Avoiding Pitfalls in Knowledge Management Implementation
    • D4UK3 Customer Knowledge Management
    • D4UK4 Leveraging the Tacit Knowledge of Your Customers
    • D4UK5 Action Learning
    • D4UK6 Knowledge Management Measurement
    • D4SK3 & D4SK6 Business Intelligence Overview and Work Flow Management
    • D4UK7 Change Program – “Who Moved My Cheese?”
    • D4SK7 Taxonomy
  • 2-day Knowledge Management Workshop with Site Visits (Thailand Metropolitan Electricity Authority, Aug 19-20, 2011)

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