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Knowledge Dialogues, formerly Knowledge Enterprises, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Teaching and training on topics in Geography of Knowledge, Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Cities, and Open Public Data
    (e.g. Knowledge Economy Lectures series; Information Society/Knowledge Economy course; Museums as knowledge spaces)


  • Hong Kong Knowledge Management Forum (HKKMF)** (1998-2009)


Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference (APKMC)** (1999-2008) 1)
The Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference is the annual event for researchers and practitioners interested in kowledge management developments in the region. It serves as forum for networking, information exchange, and to review new developments and ideas in the knowledge management field.

  • 10th Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference (APKMC), 4 December 2008, Hong Kong, China
    Conference Theme: Managing Knowledge for Sustainable Growth: Searching for Business Models for the Future
    (Organizers: Hong Kong Knowledge Management Forum; Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks; The Institute of Business Engineering, Guangzhou)

      What is Sustainability in the View of Knowledge Management?
      Developing New Knowledge for New Services: Green Logistics
      Virtual Worlds and Serious Games – How can they be applied to achieve real business benefits?
      Service Innovation: Some Trends and Experiences from the Philippines
      Creating New Services from Public Information and Archives
  • 9th Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference (APKMC), 28-29 November 2007, Hong Kong, China
    Conference Theme: Preparing for the Future: Intelligence Gathering and Sense-making
    (Organizer: Knowledge Dialogues; Hong Kong Knowledge Management Forum)

      n. a.
  • 8th Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference (APKMC), 12-15 December 2006, Hong Kong, China
    Conference Theme: New Perspectives on Innovation and Knowledge Management
    (Organizer: Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering), City University of Hong Kong (Department of Information Systems); Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society)

      Note: APKMC is replaced by the Asia-Pacific International Conference on Knowledge Management

      Keynotes: (Day 1, morning),
      Collaboration in Organizations: A Walk on the Dark Side
      Knowledge Integration and Creation in Indigenous Innovation
      From Data Mining to Knowledge Discovery: Towards Evolving the New Sciences Underlying the Internet
      Knowledge Organization and Organization Effectiveness in Taxonomy Related Work
      Intellectual Capital Based Management and Benchlearning – An European Perspective
      Narratives and Sensemaking, A Naturalistic Approach to Knowledge Management

      Workshops: (Day 1, afternoon)
      How to Manage and Measure Knowledge Assets in an Organization? (Open Forum)
      What Are the Barriers to Knowledge Sharing and How Might We Overcome Them? (Knowledge Café)

      Presentations: (Day 2, Business Track)
      Innovation and Knowledge – Creating the Space for Knowledge Creation
      Learning and Un-learning: How Do We Expose People in Organizations to New Ways of Learning?
      Customers, Clients, And Partners: Informational and Knowledge-generating Aspects of Relationships
      Crossing Boundaries – Networking, Exchanges & Alliances Within and Across Different Business Sectors
      Exploring New Ways of Sharing Ideas – Wikis, Blogs, CoPs and Social Networks in Organizations
      Innovation Cultures in the Asia Pacific Corporate World

      Post-conference Workshops (14-15 Dec):
      Implement a Knowledge-Based Approach to Create Value
      Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery – Overview of Methods and Case Studies in Business Applications
      Narratives, Complexity and Sensemaking
      Auditing Organizational Knowledge Assets through an Interactive STOCKS Methodology
      Integrating Collaborative Workspaces into an Enterprise Knowledge Repository
      Creating Dialogues on Innovation
      Starting and Sustaining Communities of Practice
      Knowledge City Hong Kong

  • 7th Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference (APKMC), 8-9 December 2005, Hong Kong, China
    Conference Theme: Global Trade, Global Knowledge
    (Organizer: Hong Kong Knowledge management Society)

      The Know-how of Trade and Trading Companies
      Localizing Global Production: Knowledge Transfer in International Manufacturing (w. discussion)

      Connectors, Middlemen and Gatekeepers: The Social Dynamic of Trade
      The Value of Relational Capital: Building Knowledge and Trust with Suppliers, Partners, Customers (Case Study w. discussion)
      Trading Commodities – a Knowledge-intensive Business?
      The Use of Internal Auditing to Knowledge Management (w. discussion)
      Hong Kong’s Roadmap to E-logistics Development
      The Knowledge Value Chain in Trade: Trends in Asia Pacific (Case Study)
      Knowledge Resource Mapping: A Records Management Perspective
      Social Network Analysis – What is the Relationship between Social Networks and Individual Performance?
      Knowledge Process Outsourcing: After business process outsourcing, Indian service firms are now inventing the next level of outsourcing – KPO
      Capturing & Sharing of Near Miss Incidents among Hospitals in Hong Kong

      Panel Discussions:
      Does Knowledge Management Contribute to the Bottom-line?

  • 6th Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference (APKMC), 18-19 November 2004, Hong Kong, China
    Conference Theme: Intangible Assets: The Wealth of Knowledge-based Economies
    (Organizer: Hong Kong Knowledge management Society)

      The Wealth of Nations: Intellectual Capital – A Global Comparison of Leading Knowledge-based Economies
      Knowledge Management in the Public Sector: A Case Study on Communities of Practice from the Australian Public Sector (w. discussion)

      Innovation and Human Capital: The Basis of Intellectual Capital
      Knowledge Management Practices in Hong Kong-based Companies: How are HK Companies Growing their Competitive Advantage? (w. discussion)
      Measuring Intellectual Capital: National and Organizational Strategies
      Knowledge Economies in Asia Pacific: How does the Region Compare Globally? What are the Trends? (w. discussion)
      Cultural Perceptions of the Knowledge Economy: A Case Study in Intellectual Capital and Culture
      Globalization of R&D and Know-how Transfer: A Case Study from Kodak China
      Knowledge Management Development in China
      Meeting the Challenge in Cultivating Communities at Mazda: Connecting Customers and Manufacturer
      The Pearl River Delta: A Chinese Knowledge Creation Centre?
      Good Knowledge Management Practices for Small-and Medium Sized Enterprises (Special Session)

      Panel Discussions:
      Implementing Corporate Knowledge Management Strategies in Asia Pacific: Case Studies from the region – Korea, Taiwan, Philippines
      Managing the Human Side of Knowledge Management
      Knowledge Clusters: Biotech in Asia (Expert Panel)

  • 5th Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference (APKMC), 27-28 November 2003, Hong Kong, China
    Conference Theme: Knowledge Management in Asia: Competitive Advantage and Challenges in Managing Knowledge
    (Organizer: Hong Kong Knowledge management Society)

      Investing in Knowledge Capital
      Organisational Change through Knowledge Communities (w. discussion)

      Knowledge Management in the Defence Science & Technology Agency
      Recorded Information Management – Underpinning Knowledge Management
      Knowledge Management Practices in Hong Kong-based Companies (w. discussion)
      Knowledge Management Strategy and its Effect on Corporate Growth
      The State of the Art in Developing Knowledge Management Standards (w. discussion)
      Knowledge Management and the Human Resources Function
      Managing Knowledge into Projects: The Arup Knowledge Management Journey
      Knowledge Networks and Intellectual Capital: How to Activate the Intangible Assets of Your Organisation
      The Role of Corporate Portals in Knowledge Management (Cade Study w. discussion)

      Panel Discussions:
      The Largest Emerging Knowledge Economy: Knowledge Management developments in China (Expert Panel)
      From Knowledge Sharing to Knowledge Theft: Intellectual Property and Knowledge Management
      The Job market for Knowledge Management professionals in Asia: Who is hiring them? (Expert Panel)

      Side Event:
      Asian Knowledge Management Societies Collaboration (participants: iKMS, HKKMS and KMSJ)

  • 4th Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference (APKMC), 28-29 November 2002, Hong Kong, China
    Conference Theme: The Value of Knowledge Management: Visible Results and Ongoing Challenges for Knowledge Organisations
    (Organizer: Hong Kong Knowledge management Society)

      Effective Knowledge Management: Where the Center Meets the Edge

      Do Managers Really Know Whether Value is Created or Destroyed?
      A Conceptual Map of Knowledge Management in Action
      Affording Knowledge Management
      Knowledge for Informed Decision-Making
      Case Study Siemens: Introducing Global Knowledge Management Strategies in Asia Pacific
      Communities of Knowledge and Social Networks (Case Study)
      The Value of Knowledge Communities: Experiences from Japanese Companies (Case Study)

      Paradoxes of Knowledge Management – Dimensions of an Implementation process

      Post-conference Workshops (Nov 29):
      Knowledge Management in Public Service Organisations (roundtable discussion9
      Managing Knowledge in Projects
      Experimenting with Knowledge Management – Experiences from Small and Medium Enterprises in Hong Kong
      Collaborative Technologies
      Managing Knowledge in Professional Services Firms: Comparing Quantitiy Surveying Firms in the Hong Kong and in the UK
      Regional Outlook (Knowledge-Based Architecture in the Semi-Conductor Industry in Malaysia; Intelligent Metadata Model : Strategy for Solving Departmental Conflicts in Governing National Policy Implementation)

  • 3rd Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference (APKMC), 21-22 November 2001, Hong Kong, China
    Conference Theme: Knowledge Shared – Knowledge Doubled

      n. a.
  • 2nd Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference (APKMC), 28-29 November 2000, Hong Kong, China
    Conference Theme: Managing Knowledge in a Networked Economy: Developing Knowledge Management Practices and Communities in Asia-Pacific
    (Organizer: Hong Kong Knowledge Management Forum; Mindtheme; Hong Kong Producitivity Council)

      n. a.
  • 1st Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference (APKMC), 2-3 December 1999, Hong Kong, China
    Conference Theme: Knowledge Management in Asia: Strategic Directions for Business Transformation

      n. a.

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