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The Croatian Information and Documentation Society, Hrvatsko informacijsko i dokumentacijsko društvo (HID), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


CROinfo** – Croatian series of conferences and workshops on information management, knowledge management and organisational learning (Serija konferencija i radionica upravljanju informacijam, upravljanju znanjem i organizacijskom učenju)

  • 8th CROinfo2008 – Discovery Shop, October 16-17, 2008, Zagreb, Croatia
    Workshop Title: Znanje, učenje i inovativnost – ljudski potencijali i poslovna uspješnost (Knowledge, learning and innovation – human resources and business success)
    (Organizer: Croatian Information and Documentation Society; Industrija Nafete)

      Pre-Conference Workshops: (Oct 16)
      Knowledge Management Discovery Shop: The art of navigating the knowledge economy

      Knowledge management in Croatia
      Kaizen – Japan in Croatia
      The role of Web media in internal communications
      Human resource management and knowledge management – Two functions, same goal
      Communities of Practice (CoP)
      Knowledge management in small businesses
      Knowledge Management and Finances

      Round Tables:

  • 7th CROinfo2007 – Information and Knowledge Management Conference, October 11-12, 2007, Zagreb, Croatia
    Conference Theme: Information and knowledge management in business practice: International and regional experiences
    (Organizer: Croatian Information and Documentation Society; Industrija Nafete)

      Pre-Conference Workshops: (Oct 11)
      Practical Knowledge Management – how to focus on the things that matter


      Round Tables:

  • 6th CROinfo2006 – Information and Knowledge Management Conference, October 11–13, 2006, Porec, Croatia
    Conference Theme: Knowledge Management concepts and experiences from the world’s most successful companies
    (Organizer: Croatian Information and Documentation Society; National and University Library in Zagreb, Infoarena Busines Journal)

      Conference Workshops:
      What are the Barriers to Knowledge Sharing and How to Overcome Them (knowledge café)

      Plenary Lectures:
      The Knowledge Management Challenge
      How Can we Move Companies from Classroom Training to Becoming Knowledgeable Organisations?

      Knowledge Management in Slovenia: Practical Cases vs. New Approaches
      Knowledge Management and Competitiveness of the Research and Development Centres – Ericssons’s Experiences from Croatia and Abroad
      Knowledge Management Analyses at the Biggest Hungarian Companies: MOL (oil industry), Hungarian Telecom, Richter (pharma industry) and OTP (bank)
      No Market Research Consultancy Without Customer Relationship Management and Knowledge Management
      Corporate knowledge Management
      Corporate Information Management Functions in the Croatian Information Economy
      How to know what your company really knows and make the best use of it – PLIVA’s Experiences in Information and Knowledge Management

      Product/Service Presentations:
      Knowledge Management software solutions

      Round Tables:
      How Can We Create an Innovative Environment in Our Companies?

  • 5th CROinfo2005 – Knowledge Management Workshop, May 13, 2005, Zagreb, Croatia
    (Organizer: Croatian Information and Documentation Society; National and University Library in Zagreb)

      Learning to fly with Knowledge Management
      Knowledge mapping workshop

  • 4th CROinfo2004 – Knowledge Management Conference, May 3–4, 2004, Zagreb, Croatia
    Conference Theme: Knowledge management: Methodology, Technology, Practice, Phenomena
    (Organizer: National and University Library in Zagreb; Pliva; Co-organizer: Croatian Information and Documentation Society)

      Getting to the heart of knowledge management
      Intranets – moving from information to knowledge – the role of blogs and wikis’
      Datamining in patents
      Leveraging knowledge management activities in everyday practice
      Role of semantic processing and text mining in building corporate Knowledge Management systems
      Editing the knowledge? Some authoring dilemmas for collaborative era of knowledge management
      Deploying efficient knowledge management in organisations undergoing radical restructuring: one application focusing on innovation at Solvay
      Project management of knowledge management projects
      Knowledge Management Implementation in PLIVA
      Managing of failures in order to create efficient organizational intelligence (A knowledge management case study – MALÉV – Hungarian airlines)
      Leading a Croatian knowledge-intensive firm – an experience
      Knowledge Management implementation in a small company – IT company case

      Product/Service Presentations:
      ALPSP Learned Journal Collection; CSA adds FULLTEXT Collections, BioOne and SAGE complement the range of bibliographic Databases; MIND MAPPING® for business – powerful technique for knowledge creation and knowledge sharing; EBSCO Information Services; Integrated resource management solution – Onelog; Economist Intelligence Unit

      Poster Section

  • 3rd CROinfo2003 – Knowledge Management Conference, May 8-10, 2003, Zagreb, Croatia
    Conference Theme: Theoretical aspects and practical implementation of knowledge management
    (Organizer: National and University Library in Zagreb; Pliva; Co-organizer: Croatian Information and Documentation Society)

      Knowledge Management and business intelligence for decision support systems
      Knowledge Management strategy in PLIVA
      Understanding and improving the dynamics of knowledge creation within your organization
      Knowledge Management in health care system in Croatia
      Choosing and using technology for knowledge exchange
      Informetrics and the use of bibliographic data in a strategic combination
      Knowledge Management in innovation
      Knowledge Management in IBM
      Enabling the semantic web in corporate intranets
      Knowledge Management: Education and research in the academic area
      Leadership focus on innovation growth by Knowledge Management

      Product/Service Presentations:
      Fusion – or how to stop searching and start finding; Challenges in corporate portal implementation; Emerald Fulltext in Croatia; The Ovid Solution: Adding Value Through Integration and Linking!; New electronic products and developments from K.G. Saur/Gale; SwetsWise, the innovative web-based, modular service for the procurement, access and management of subscriptions and online information; Knowledge management leading technologies; Global business intelligence; Consortia in Croatia; EBSCO Information Services; BI – From data to actionable Information; …

      Poster section

  • 2nd CROinfo 2001 – Information Management in Industry and Science Conference, November 22-24, 2001, Dubrovnik, Croatia
    (Organizer: National and University Library in Zagreb; Pliva; Co-organizer: Croatian Information and Documentation Society; Croatian Library Association – Section for Special Libraries)

      Post-conference Workshops: (Nov 23)
      Business Intelligence
      Creating Web pages

      Trends in the Information Technology Development
      Information and Communication Technology as the Support for the Development of Croatia
      Knowledge Management Made in Europe
      Knowledge Management as a Possible Function for Libraries?
      Novo Nordisk A/S Library & Information Centre – A Global Workplace
      Benefits of Intranet to Information Service and to Customers
      Strategy for PLIVA’s Intranet Development
      Implementation and Use of e-business in Croatia – Present and Future
      Data Integration
      The Profile of Information Manager in Hungary: Preparation for EU-membership
      Applied Methods in Digitization
      Development of Excellence in the Provision of Pharmaceutical Information
      XML Application in the Croatian Scientific Journals Database
      On the Road to Virtual Library in a Croatia

      Product/Service Presentations:
      Content Management; The Perfect Abstract to Full Text Solution; The Internet Database Service from CSA: Linking from the Bibliographic Record to the Full Text Article; What’s new from ProQuest Information and Learning? – New Electronic Information Resources from ProQuest and Chadwyck Healey; What’s new at Dialog OnDisc; …

  • 1st CROinfo2000 – Information Management in Industry and Science Conference, October 16–18, 2000, Dubrovnik, Croatia
    (Organizer: National and University Library in Zagreb; Pliva; Co-Organizer: Croatian Information and Documentation Society; Croatian Library Association – Section for Special Libraries; Dubrovnik libraries)

      Conference Workshops:
      Data mining
      Using XML in building massive information systems
      Practical Internet / Intranet technology for beginners and advanced

      Global Processes in the World of Information Today and Perspectives for the Third Millennium
      Knowledge processing – an area of rapid development
      Knowledge Portal
      Intranets and Portals: Promises and Reality
      Information Networks in the European Union with Special Reference to Access Improvement Systems – Hungarian Experiences
      Library, Information Sources and the Information Society
      State Intellectual Property Office – a source of information in the field of intellectual property for the economy and science
      Information Market of Southeast Europe
      Virtual library management. Experiences of the National Technical Information Center and Library (OMIKK), Hungary
      Desktop Library
      Building virtual libraries for industry and science: tools, techniques and pitfalls
      Integrated information system for pharmaceutical laboratory
      Integration of heterogeneous information systems
      The use of XML in the construction of massive information systems – an example of developing the corpus of the Croatian language
      Business information – an example of OSIRIS
      Ensuring an integrated and tailored approach to research and documentation for small and medium-sized enterprises
      Information services and services for small and medium enterprises with special emphasis on the situation in Croatia
      Introduction and application of e-business in the Republic of Croatia
      Visions of work and life in the Internet environment
      From hosts to web servers
      Education of information professionals
      Education of end and potential users of scientific, technical and business information – Slovenian experience
      Results of the competition at the Web Festival 2000 – the best Croatian portal

      Product/Service Presentations:

Web Channels

  • ...
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