iKMS Knowledge Management Competencies Framework

Abstract: Although some KM professionals have well-defined roles and responsibilities, most tend to have multiple roles which change according to the immediate needs of their projects. This often makes it challenging to clearly define their varied responsibilities.

This lack of definition makes it difficult to assess the skill-sets required for particular KM activities, and makes it difficult for knowledge managers to consciously plan their own self development.

The aim of this competency framework, drawn up with the help of the KM community in Singapore, is to meet this need: to help knowledge managers plan their own self-development, and to help identify the KM competencies required in their work.

The iKMS KM competency framework comes directly from the experience of knowledge management professionals in Singapore, many of them members of iKMS. It is also informed by existing research on KM competencies.

The framework allows KM professionals to match their roles to the generic archetypes in the framework. This will help them identify the competencies that they need in order to do better or feel more confident in those roles.

The framework comprises fifteen KM archetypes that represent a broad range of KM professionals. A set of competencies is attached to each of the archetypes.

We hope that the framework can serve as a useful personal development guide for our members and serve as a model for similar frameworks elsewhere.

Awie Foong; Patrick Lambe: Knowledge Management Competencies: A Framework for Knowledge Managers. Singapore: iKMS, 2008.

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