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Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), associated with the Government of India, has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Public Training

  • Training Programme/Workshop on “Knowledge Management & Knowledge Sharing in Scientific Organizations” (5 days)**1)
  • Training Programme/Workshop on “Knowledge Management & Knowledge Sharing in Organisations” (5 days)**2)
  • Training Programme/Workshop on “Knowledge Management” (3 days)**2)
      Dimensions of knowledge management
      The value of knowledge management
      Collaboration and extending the concept

In-house Training

  • 2017: Senior Management Course on “Knowledge Management and Big Data” for MES
    Superintending Engineers (2 weeks) | Military Engineer Services, Ministry of Defence, Government of India
  • 2016: Foundation Course on “Knowledge Management” for ITS & BWS Group-A Officers (15 weeks) | Indian Telecommunications Service & Posts & Telegraphs Building Works Service, Department of Telecommunications, Government of India
  • 2015: Foundation Training Programme on “Knowledge Management in the Public Sector Organisations” for CPWD Assistant Executive Engineers (Civil & Electrical) (4 weeks) | Central Public Works Department, Government of India
  • 2014: Training Programme on “Knowledge & Change Management in Organisations” for CWC Sr. Officers (5 days) | Central Water Commission, Government of India


  • Workshop on Information and Knowledge Society: Crossed Perspectives from SAARC Countries, March 30-31, 2012, IIPA, New Delhi, India
    (Internal Programme of IIPA)
  • Brain-Storming Workshop on “Mobilizing the Information and Knowledge Society: Crossed Perspectives, June 21-22, 2010, IIPA, New Delhi, India
    (Sponsors: United Nations Development Programme; Indian Council of Social Science Research)

      Technical Sessions: (w. 25 min. discussions)
      Knowledge Society
      Knowledge Economy
      Information Society & Technology
      Knowledge Crash
      Knowledge Management  
      Breakout Groups: (1) Recommendations for Future Course of Action; (2) Key issues, implementation challenges, and perspectives

      Remarks by the Session Chairmans: (6)
      Challenges before ICSU Committee on Data for Science & Technology (CODATA) in strengthening the knowledge society
      Knowledge in organizations: From strategy to information systems

      Concluding Session


  • Jul 2016: Lecture on “Knowledge Management and Data Science” (for Advanced Professional Programme in Public administration (APPPA) participants)
  • Jul 2015: Lecture on “Knowledge Management and Traditional Knowledge Systems in India” (for Know India Program (KIP) participants)
  • Mar 2011: Knowledge Management – Forum for Exchange of Information (Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh branch)

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