Information and knowledge management curriculum for the SCECSAL region

Isaac M.N. Kigongo‐Bukenya, Sarah Kaddu: Enhancing democracy and good governance: A curriculum proposal for information/knowledge management professionals (IKMPs) in the SCECSAL region. Library Review, 60 (5), 2011: 362 – 369.

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Full text from the Uganda Christian University

Related conference paper:

  • Isaac. M.; N. Kigongo-Bukenya: Towards a LIS curriculum to produce knowledge and information professionals for effective management of the enhancement of democracy and good governance in the SCECSAL region. in: Kgomotso Radijeng (Ed.): Enhancing Democracy and Good Governance through Effective Information and Knowledge Services. SCECSAL XIX CONFERENCE: XIXth Standing Conference of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Library and Information Associations (SCECSAL), 7 – 10 September 2010, Gaborone, Botswana
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