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Innovation and Knowledge Management Club (iklub) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Scheduled for every 2 months

  • 2015-11: Exploring creative behavior and employee engagement in teams (Tracy Stanley)
  • 2015-06: Foster Intrapreneurship To Earn Engagement (Chris Oestereich)
  • 2015-04: Start Your Knowledge Innovation Engines: Building an Eco-system with a P7 Blueprint (Debra Amidon)
  • 2015-02: Co-creation in a complex world (Francis Gosselin)
  • 2014-11: Gamification and its impact on customer/employee engagement (Robert Zepeda)
  • 2014-07: Challenges in Knowledge Management for Agriculture (Gerard Sylvester)
  • 2014-05: Diffusion of Innovation in Thailand (Jeff Hamilton)
  • 2014-02: Conceptual framework for the notion of exploratory innovation (Valerie Chanal), Ecosystems rules and the underlying role of platforms in collective innovation and inter-organizational knowledge management (Thierry Isckia)
  • 2013-11: Strategic scanning and weak market signals as source of innovation (Nicolas Lesca), The Innovation journey of DuPont Thailand (Suntaree Taratikun)
  • 2013-09: Developing and Sustaining Communities of Practice (Eric Tsui)
  • 2013-07: The BANPU Knowledge Management Journey (Khun Denchai)
  • 2013-05 (One Year Anniversary): Innovation and People in Amadeus (Benjamin Hamilton)
  • 2013-03: From a Knowledge Bank to a Solutions Bank
    Two decades of Knowledge Management at the World Bank (Bruno Laporte)
  • 2013-01: Knowledge and Innovation Management tools developed by the French KM Club (Jean Louis Ermine)
  • 2012-10: Driving Organizational Performance Excellence through Knowledge Management Assessment (Boondee Bunyagidj)
  • 2012-09: Knowledge Management journey at PTT Global Chemical (Khun Pattraporn Jirachaipravit & team)
  • 2012-07: Knowledge Management journey at Advanced Info Service Plc. Company
  • 2012-05: Opening Event

Special Events

  • 2014-10: Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Award: Introduction of MAKE Award (Jenny Chan), From Transactional to Transformational Knowledge Management: The MAKE recipe for Enterprise Success (Vishnupriya Sengupta), Knowledge Management and Corporate Innovation: What’s the relationship? (Ricky Tsui), Knowledge Management Initiation and development in a Manufacturing Company (Percy Chan)
  • 2013-11: Full day workshops: Achieving Knowledge Driven Results Through Collective Sensemaking (Nancy Dixon and Ron Young)
  • 2013-11: Lecture: The power of learning through shared experiences(Geoff Parcell)
  • 2013-09: Experience and lessons learned from implementing Knowledge Management at the US Department of Navy (Alex Bennet)
  • 2013-06: Knowledge and Innovation (Dave Snowden)
  • 2013-04: 2 Days Workshops: Business Model Innovation & Customer Co-Creation (Stavros Sindakis, Christian Walter), Knowledge Management Strategic Alignment: A top down and bottom up approach (Vincent Ribiere), Action Learning (Peter Cauwelier)

Special Interest Groups

  • Knowledge and Innovation Management Culture related issues
  • Customer Knowledge Management
  • Innovation management
  • Knowledge and Innovation Management Strategy and alignment
  • Knowledge sharing and Change management
  • Measuring Knowledge Management value and the cost of not doing Knowledge Management

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