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The Innovation and Knowledge Management Club (iklub),1) hosted by the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation – South-East Asia (IKI-SEA) at Bangkok University (BU), has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Scheduled for every 2 months

  • Nov 2015: Knowledge Café (Knowledge sharing session among participants); Exploring creative behavior and employee engagement in teams. Do the same characteristics drive both outcomes?
  • Jun 2015: Foster Intrapreneurship To Earn Engagement
  • Apr 2015: Start Your Knowledge Innovation Engines: Building an Eco-system with a P7 Blueprint
  • Feb 2015: Knowledge café: Experience sharing among participants; Co-creation in a complex world
  • Nov 2014: Knowledge café: Experience sharing on “How to engage your customers and employees”; Gamification and its impact on customer/employee engagement (i.e., knowledge sharing, idea sharing, HR, etc.)
  • Jul 2014: Knowledge sharing session; Presentation of Sharpcloud application: a new way to build, visualize and share knowledge; Challenges in Knowledge Managementfor Agriculture
  • May 2014: Presentation of “Creative Bangkok” an upcoming event; Defining the future directions for the iklub; Innovation Game!; Diffusion of Innovation in Thailand
  • Feb 2014: How to manage exploratory innovation; Winning in Innovation Ecosystems: A Platform-based View
  • Nov 2013: Strategic scanning and weak market signals as source of innovation; The Innovation journey of DuPont Thailand
  • Sep 2013: “Message in a bottle” workshop: Get help on your Knowledge Managementand IM activities; Developing and Sustaining Communities of Practice (CoPs); Signing of the Partnership Agreement between the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society and the iklub
  • Jul 2013: Knowledge café; How to read a 1,000 pages report in in 1 minute?; The BANPU Knowledge Management Journey (The Asian Face of Energy)
  • May 2013: 1 Year Anniversary; Knowledge cafe on Innovation; Innovation game!; Innovation & People in Amadeus
  • Mar 2013: From a Knowledge Bank to a Solutions Bank
    Two decades of Knowledge Management at the World Bank
  • Jan 2013: French Knowledge Management Club “Club Gestion des Connaisance” and its Knowledge Management tools; Special Interest Groups Get & Work Together
  • Oct 2012: Thailand Productivity Institute: Driving Organizational Performance Excellence through Knowledge Management Assessment; Special Interest Groups (SIG) Get & Work Together
  • Sep 2012: The Knowledge Management Journey of PTT Global Chemical; Special Interest Groups (SIG) Get & Work Together
  • Jul 2012: The successful KM journey of Advanced Info Service Plc (AIS); Discussions and Reflections on the creation of Special Interest Groups (SIG)
  • May 2012: Innovation and Knowledge Management Club (iklub) Opening Event


  • Mar 2014: Workshops 4 Knowledge and Innovation (2 days)
    Workshops: Knowledge transfer and retention approaches; Using Intellectual Capital as a source of innovation; Innovation through Design Thinking; Game-based approach to learning (Gamification)
  • Nov 2013: Achieving Knowledge Driven Results Through Collective Sensemaking (1 day)
    Workshops: Collective Sensemaking; Creating a Culture of Engagement; Achieving knowledge driven results
  • Apr 2013: Managing Innovation and Knowledge (2 days)
    Workshops: Business Model Innovation; Customer Co-Creation; KM Strategic Alignment: A top down and bottom up approach; Action Learning


  • Nov 2013: The power of learning through shared experiences; Lecture with Geoff Parcel
  • Sep 2013: Lessons learned form implementing Change and Knowledge Management at the US Department of Navy
  • Jun 2013: Knowledge and Innovation

Special Interest Groups

  • Knowledge and Innovation Management Culture Related Issues
  • Customer Knowledge Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Knowledge and Innovation Management Strategy and Alignment (was: Knowledge Management Strategy and Alignment)
  • Knowledge Sharing and Change Management
  • Measuring Knowledge Management Value and the Cost of Not Doing Knowledge Management

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