Innovative learning in a postgraduate KM course @ RMIT

Abstract: Innovations in how a postgraduate course in knowledge management is delivered have generated better learning outcomes and made the course more engaging for learners. Course participant feedback has shown that collaborative active learning is preferred and provides them with richer insights into how knowledge is created and applied to generate innovation and value. The course applies an andragogy approach in which students collaborate in weekly dialogue of their experiences of the content, rather than learn the content itself. The approach combines systems thinking, learning praxis, and active learning to explore the interdependencies between topics and how they impact outcomes in real world situations. This has stimulated students to apply these ideas in their own workplaces.

Arthur Shelley: Active Learning Innovations in Knowledge Management Education Generate Higher Quality Learning Outcomes. Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation, Vol. 10, Issue 1, 2014

Copyright © Open Access: Fundacja Upowszechniająca Wiedzę i Naukę “Cognitione” & Nowy Sącz Business School – National-Louis University

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Video Series: Wikis in Blackboard
Arthur Shelley and the RMIT Academic Development Group collaborated to produce a series of videos about Wikis to assist staff in:

  1. How to create a Wiki (2:18)
  2. Basic use of a Wiki (5:38)
  3. Advanced use of a Wiki (3:34)

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