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Australian Society for Knowledge Management Conference (AuSKM Conference)*

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The Australian Society for Knowledge Management Conference (AuSKM Conference), formerly Knowledge Management Melbourne (KMELB), is a 1-day conference with post-conference workshops, organized by the Australian Society for Knowledge Management (AuSKM) and partners from the Australian Knowledge Management communities. Conference History: 2nd AuSKM Conference, November 13-14, 2018, RMIT University

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Well known Stan Garfield, Community Evangelist at Deloitte Global Knowledge Services and leader of the Systems Integration KM Leaders Community (SIKM Leaders), is providing his homepage on Google Sites – a vast variety of resources on knowledge management. Of special interest for knowledge management education and training opportunities are the list

Innovative learning in a postgraduate Knowledge Management course @ RMIT

Abstract: Innovations in how a postgraduate course in knowledge management is delivered have generated better learning outcomes and made the course more engaging for learners. Course participant feedback has shown that collaborative active learning is preferred and provides them with richer insights into how knowledge is created and applied to generate innovation and value. The