International Workshop on Knowledge Management (IWKM)**

International Workshop on Knowledge Management (IWKM)**

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The International Workshop on Knowledge Management (IWKM), formerly the Workshop Knowledge Management (Workshop znalostný manažment), is a scientific two-day event organized by Vysoká škola manažmentu (VSM) annually in the middle of October in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is a discussion forum inviting both experts and novices in Knowledge Management. Its format offers not only the presentation of original research outcomes but gives much larger room for opinion exchange than many regular conferences do.

IWKM language is English.

Workshop History:

14th IWKM 2019, 7-8 November 2019, Bratislava & Trenčín, Slovakia

Conference Theme: Knowledge Workers in Knowledge Era
(in cooperation with the Faculty of Economic Informatics, University of Economics in Bratislava along with eFOCUS)

    IWKM / Workshop on Innovation Process in E-Learning (IPE) Presentations: (Nov 8, Bratislava)
    Usage of Business Intelligence Solutions within the Mergers and Acquistions process
    KDD Tools for Do-It-Yourself Analyses
    The Prevention of Nonresponse in Statistical Surveys
    Enterprise social collaboration as a new e-learning method
    Exploiting Advanced Information Technologies More Fully in Business English Courses
    The Role of Knowledge Brokers in Culture-led Urban Revitalization
    Human Factor in Industry 4.0 and some of its Intergenerational Implications
    Involvement of employees in the strategic decisions taken within companies
    Strategy and Mechanism
    Metódy hodnotenia správy IT s ohľadom na ľudský faktor
    Social Development in Bangladesh
    Student Becoming Professor: Knowledge Transfer from Subsidiaries to Headquarters
    Knowledge Management in Central Banks of Central Europe
    Academic integrity as an Education Quality Improvement Tool
    Knowledge Management: A Topic for SMEs(?)

    Pre-conference seminars: (Nov 8, Bratislava)
    Data Mining Tools for Knowledge Workers

    Pr-conference Events: (Nov 7, CANCELLED)
    eFOCUS Conference & Job Fair (Bratislava); VŠM Job Fair (Trenčín)

13th IWKM 2018, 18-19 October 2018, Bratislava & Trenčín, Slovakia

Conference Theme: Knowledge in measurement, evaluation and interpretation

    Workshop Presentations:
    The Agile Transformation
    Knowledge Management within Culture-based Urban Regeneration Projects in Slovakia
    The use of EA software for Processes Modelling as a support of Knowledge Managementin SME
    Who are the Leaders in the Data Mining Industry?
    Redefining the “Permanent Establishment” Concept in order to Make Its Measurement More Relevant for Digital Economy
    A Comprehensive Perspective Building an Octagon Framework for Knowledge Management Processes
    Association between Two Categorical Variables and Information Channels Effectiveness Assessment
    LMS as a Tool of Knowledge Management
    Language Education at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Comenius University in the Newly Accredited Program UNIcert ®
    Analyzing phenomenons as possibility to break off the limits of measurement
    A Graph Mining Perspective on Graphlet-Based Network Similarity
    Measuring Information Systems Quality
    Applications of the Dimensions of the Learning Organization – Questionnaire in the IT Sector in the Czech Republic
    The Necessity of Business Intelligence Solutions for the Sales Controlling of a Company
    A method of measuring the added value of facility management as a competitive advantage and a knowledge generating tool

    Pre-conference seminars (Oct 18):
    Data Mining Tools and measurement data analysis
    Measuring Quality of Universities’ Functions (panel discussion)

    Job Fair:
    VSM Bratislava (Oct 18-19), Trenčín (Oct 18)

12th IWKM 2017, 12–13 October 2017, Trenčín, Slovakia

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management as a Framework for Industry 4.0

    Workshop Presentations:
    Improving the intranet
    Reverse Knowledge Transfer: A Case Study
    Problems of Knowledge Transfer in the Field of Taxation
    Testing the Wisdom of Crowds in students’ group work
    Business Rules Management Systems
    Opportunities and Challenges of Knowledge Management in Educational Institutions: Use of Social Networks
    Industry 4.0 as the Culprit of Unemployment
    Industry 4.0 and Entrepreneurship of People with Disabilities
    Inovation and Productivity on Industrial Level
    Quality Management System in Service Activities of Automotive Industry
    Statistical Proces Control Education using Distance Learning
    Employee Satisfaction and Knowledge Management
    Internal Audit Assignment in the area of Enterprise Knowledge Management

    Pre-conference seminars (Oct 12):
    Data Mining Tools and Computer Aided Quality (CAQ)
    Universities, SME’s and Knowledge Management (panel discussion)

    Special Events:
    Companies’ presentations and job fair (new in 2017)

11th IWKM 2016, 20-21 October 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia

Conference Theme: Knowledge: a Motivator of Creativity and Its Tool

    Workshop Presentations:
    Student teamwork analyzed trough knowledge management models
    The relationship between R&D expenditures and productivity in studies on industry and/or firm level – review
    Collaborative Consumption and Disruptive Market Exchange Modes
    Measuring performance of knowledge management in companies
    New demands for abilities and skills of knowledge workers in the financial sector
    Particular reasons of motivation for knowledge development
    New aspects and tasks of Knowledge Management in the ebusiness era
    Changing role of knowledge in internationalization (analysis of Uppsala model)
    Mining Big data in WEKA
    The use of technology in HR and payroll
    Continuous improvement of the company as a result of knowledge access to Kaizen

    Pre-conference seminars (Oct 20; NEW!):
    Big Data; Knowledge Management as an Education Tool

10th IWKM 2015, 13 October 2015, Bratislava, Slovakia

Conference Theme: Sustainability in Knowledge Management Trends
(part of the European Alliance for Innovation International Conference on Mobility Opportunities in Danube Region, Oct 13; co-located with the International Smart City 360 Summit, Oct 13-16)

    Workshop Presentations:
    Reality Mining: Data Mining or something else?
    The dark side of the moon: knowledge as the basis for cross-border mergers and acquisitions?
    Organisational Knowledge Creation in Open Source Communities
    Enhancing competitiveness and commercial success through the modern managerial model
    Scholastic honesty program: New knowledge-building tool suggested to improve instructors’ SH awareness.
    Group Knowledge Creation and Transfer Works
    Mobility of knowledge transfer, and the firm’s innovation process
    Knowledge management in the marketing mix of small food businesses
    Opportunities in blended learning – how can simulations boost training programs?

9th IWKM 2014, 17-18 October 2014, Bratislava, Slovakia

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management and Arts

    Workshop Presentations:
    DIGITIZATION OF ART: constraint to rethink the management in Slovak National Gallery
    Knowledge-based Theories of Internationalization: Implication in Central and Eastern Europe
    Reverse Logistics Lessons in Knowledge Management
    Describing the Indescribable: Grasping Tacit Learning Through Creativity
    Knowledge Management- as an Effective Measure to an Improved Organizational Culture and Career Management
    Knowledge Management Methods In Building A Culture Of Academic Integrity.
    How can you compare apple to apple with different scale?
    The impact of Globalization on International Trade
    How creative approach and shared knowledge can help revitalize the non-profit city project in Bratislava
    Increasing the company’s competitiveness of tourist services
    The role of knowledge in organizing
    Utilization of knowledge in individual processes of services
    Bringing Creativity into (Language) Education, Knowledge and Business
    Knowledge Creation in Oulu Game LAB
    Why 1 + 1 = 2 is not valid in economic theory?
    The era of digital publishing of electronic textbooks: Reducing the gap between information producers and information consumers
    The application of reverse logistics in a municipal enterprise through knowledge management
    Incentive systems in knowledge management to support large scale deployment of IT systems
    The importance of incentive systems to knowledge sharing in production environment
    The role of PDCA cycle knowledge in the development of innovation services
    Influence of corporate culture for knowledge dissemination in a corporate environment
    Theatre in the Digital Age: When Technology Meets the Arts
    Synergetic Effects of Knowledge Based R&D in Multinational Corporations

8th IWKM 2013, 18-19 October 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia

Conference Theme: Information Exchange in Knowledge Management

    Worlshop Presentations:
    Investigating Aggregation and Diversity for Wisdom of Crowds Approach (keynote)
    Impact of knowledge management to online education: a database course (keynote)
    Analysing two team working scenarios in the context of SECI, Ba and the transference of knowledge (keynote)
    Knowledge-era generation in the labor market: what can we learn from HR policies of FDI-invested companies? (keynote)
    CEDVU (Central Records of Fine Art Works) as a Tool of Knowledge Management for Galleries in Slovakia
    Shifting focus: The changing nature of education in Slovakia and the role of ICTs in driving that change
    The role of knowledge management in customer retention – how smart companies use it to create value
    Enabling Conditions for Knowledge Use and Knowledge Sharing in Organisation
    Knowledge Portal: A Tool to Support Scholastic Honesty Program
    Behavioral Economics – Feelings or Needs. What decides about our choice?
    Tourism Product and Knowledge Product Strategy of Tatralandia Joint Stock Company Liptovský Mikuláš
    Growing potential and role of creative industries in Europe and Slovakia
    Benefits of knowledge management from the perspective of human resources used in the management of enterprisesSystem Dynamic Tools
    New aspects of Expert systems in Business management
    Can be reflexion and Newtonian mechanics related? If so, what is the relation?
    The investment into information and communication technologies within perspective of organizational sustainability
    Adoption of electronic health records, use and acceptance factors
    Are US innovative companies really process innovative?

7th IWKM 2012, 19-20 October 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia

    Workshop Presentations:
    Lessons Learned from Data Mining Challenges
    Leadership and diversity in foreign-invested companies in Slovakia: knowledge-based approach
    Teaching Tacit Knowledge: The Role of “Intuition” or “Transrationality” in Educational Administration, Curriculum Development and Faculty Training at Post-secondary Schools
    Applying the SECI Model and Bloom’s Taxonomy to the Preparation of Knowledge Management Specialists
    Databázy – zdroj pre znalostný manažment
    Continuous Learning of Information and Knowledge Management Teachers at Business Universities: Implications for City University of Seattle / Vysoká škola manažmentu
    Applying Knowledge Management in Online Language Learning
    Workflow analysis on an invoicing process
    Demand as an instrument of the economic and social management
    Anti-pattern Detection as a Knowledge Utilization
    Corporate Social Responsibility at the Catholic University in Ružomberok – the urgency of now
    The Adaptive Methods of Education in Language Learning
    The Role of Knowledge Management in eGovernment
    Interrelations between Knowledge Management and Innovation Management
    The Arts and Culture in the Knowledge Era
    Knowledge Management at the Service of Enlightened Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Behavior

6th IWKM 2011, 21-22 October 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia

    Workshop Presentations:
    Knowledge management practices at Oulu region small and medium sized enterprises
    Knowledge Manegement Approaches (Un)used in Project Management
    Corporate valuation and intellectual capital
    Theory of Knowledge Management in Building and Developing of University Brand — Example of Catholic University in Ruzomberok
    Knowledge Transfer by Means of Storytelling Method in Practice and in Academic Environment – Pilot Research Evaluation
    Knowledge management in fight against academic dishonesty
    Stock Investment Recommendation Making Supported by Case Based Reasoning
    Acquisition and conveying of information and knowledge in the project of Gratex International and FIIT STU
    The Links between Information Technology and Competitiveness: An Empirical Exploration for Selected European Economies
    On Propagation in Social Networks — A Graph Mining Approach
    Technological perspective – extension of the Learning and Growth Balanced Scorecard
    Information Seeking, Information and Knowledge Management in Organizations — Library and Information Science Viewpoint
    What do the Slovak companies miss when penetrating abroad: knowledge or capital?
    Methodologies and Standards for Data Mining
    Knowledge Representations for the Practice of PLM Systems
    Financial Analysis from the Perspective of Knowledge Management
    Five Experiments of Wisdom of Crowds as a Source of Knowledge
    A knowledge management framework for teaching universities: Proposal and application (case study)
    Knowledge based career management in international companies

5th IWKM 2010, 25 June 2010, Bratislava, Slovakia

(part of International Summer School: Introduction to Knowledge Management (ISSKM), Jun 20 – Jul 3)

    Workshop Presentations:
    Loan applications Classification by exploration trees
    Company management in the new economy
    Know-where- Internet information search trends
    On the knowledge in context- a brief summary of a new book on some faces of the knowledge society
    Mapping e-government services in Slovakia
    On analysis of small social networks

4th IWKM 2009, 26 June 2009, Bratislava, Slovakia

(part of International Summer School: Introduction to Knowledge Management (ISSKM), Jun 21 – Jul 4)

    Workshop Presentations:
    Knowledge Management Issues in a Smart Office Environment
    Online Monitoring the Health Status from Older People
    Mining for Association Meta-Rules
    On Relationship between Processes within Organizational Structure and UML Diagrams
    Not–linear knowledge development within organizations
    Universities: From Teaching Organizations to Learning Organizations
    How to design interactive knowledge management tools?
    The knowledge management from the point of view of economic theory

3rd WKM 2008, 26 June 2008, Bratislava, Slovakia

(part of Summer School on Knowledge Management, Jun 22 – Jul 5)

    Workshop Presentations:
    Knowledge acquisition aided by experimentation in virtual laboratories
    How to be more efficient in management of the most important production factors : principal approaches for the management of complex assets
    Tacit and explicit knowledge
    Knowledge management in major Finnish companies
    Knowledge aspects of innovative organization
    The causality between information technology and labour productivity : an empirical exploration from a panel of selected economies
    Knowledge economy as a part of an emerging post-capitalist society

2nd WKM 2007, 11-12 June, 2007, Bratislava, Slovakia

    Workshop Presentations:

1st WKM 2006, Bratislava, Slovakia

    Workshop Presentations:
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