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K3-Cubed, for some time branded as Human Factor One,1) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Now This is Knowledge Management: Workplace 4.0 Remix 2019
  • High-Performance High-Reliability Knowledge Management course 2017
  • KnoW MORE MANAGERS© suite of courses 2017
    courses in the areas of Talent Management, Communication Skills, Knowledge Management, Decision Making, Leadership, Networking and Entrepreneurship
  • Critical Decision Making in Complex Environments 2016
  • High Performance Knowledge Management by Design 2016
  • The Secrets of High Performance Knowledge Management 2015
  • Knowledge Management worst practice: how to develop powerful solutions 2015
  • Developing Knowledge Management Strategy course 2014
  • Guerilla Knowledge Management 2014
  • Knowledge Management Consultant Course 2014
  • More sample training courses
    • Developing the Knowledge Management value proposition
    • Improving knowledge sharing
    • The cost of relearning what you already know
    • High Performance, high impact collaboration methods
    • Better lessons learned
    • Knowledge Management Operational Planning
    • Knowledge Management Awareness Raising
    • Developing Communities of Practice
    • Expertise Mapping
    • Becoming a Learning Organisation
    • Organisational Learning


  • People Policies that make Knowledge Management Work
  • The Knowledge Advantage: High Performance Knowledge Management Strategy & Tactics
  • K-Cubed Management Workshop: Redefining Knowledge Management (The K-Core Method) // University of Edinburgh.
  • K-Net Masterclass Workshop // University of Edinburgh


  • (Knowcademy) Professional Development Certificate in Resilient Knowledge Management Practice
    • Stage 1: Introduction to Resilient Knowledge Management // certificate of attendance
    • Stage 2: Resilient Knowledge Management Practice – 2 days short course // certificate of attendance
    • Stage 3: Resilient Knowledge Management Practice – 5 days full course // certificate of attendance or completion
  • Knowledge Management Excellence – 3 dias, 2015 (Certificación K3-Cubed, UK y CESOFT Colombia)
      Workshop 1: Talent Knowledge Management
      Workshop 2: Clarity Cube’s Decision Model
      Workshop 3: Professional Advanced Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management Professional Development Certification (Certificación de Desarrollo Profesional en Gestión del Conocimiento) – 2 dias, 2014 (Certificación K3-Cubed, UK y CESOFT Colombia)
  • Professional Development Certificate in Knowledge Management* 3)
    • Stage 1: Introduction to Knowledge Management
    • Stage 2: Knowledge Management Certificate
    • Stage 3: Professional Knowledge Management Certificate
  • Professional Development Certificate in Knowledge Capture, Analysis & Organisation* 3)
    • Stage 1: Introduction to Knowledge Capture, Analysis & Organisation
    • Stage 2: Knowledge Capture, Analysis & Organisation Certificate
    • Stage 3: Professional Knowledge Capture, Analysis & Organisation Certificate

Good Life + Work Project (Est. in 2020)


  • May 2021: How to lead high-impact Knowledge Management initiatives (Transforming Knowledge Management Workshop)


Lunchtime Knowledge Pods

  • Feb 2021: Knowledge Management ROI: how to create and report impact and results

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