Knowledge Management Curricula session @ 1105 KM Conference 2010

Abstract: Intellectual legitimacy is usually established in the halls of higher education. For a young discipline such as knowledge management, it is very important to see the emergence of a robust series of Knowledge Management education and research programs in leading universities. This panel will highlight some of these programs, discuss the shape of future Knowledge Management curricula and degree offerings, and review some of the research currently being performed in academia.


  • 1105 Knowledge Management Conference and Exhibition
    Track 1: Foundations of KM
    Session 1-1: KM Curricula: Instruction and Research at Leading Universities
  • The Grand Hyatt Hotel, Washington DC
  • 05/03/10, 1:45 PM – 3:00 PM

What you will learn:

  • How Knowledge Management fundamentals are envisaged from academia
  • How Knowledge Management curricula are shaping Knowledge Management careers
  • The most important areas of current Knowledge Management research in leading universities


  • Jay Liebowitz, D.Sc., Orkand Endowed Chair in Management and Technology, University of Maryland University College, Graduate School of Management & Technology
  • Denise Bedford, Goodyear Professor of Knowledge Management, College of Communication and Information, Kent State University
  • John Hickok, Director, Knowledge Management, Defense Acquisition University; Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics
  • Arthur Murray, CEO, Applied Knowledge Sciences, and Co-director, Enterprise of the Future Program, George Washington University Institute for Knowledge and Innovation
  • Mark Nissen, Naval Post Graduate School
  • T. Kanti Srikantaiah, Ph.D., Director and Professor, Center for Knowledge Management, Dominican University

T. Kanti Srikantaiah et al.: KM Curricula: Instruction and Research at Leading Universities. Session at the 11th Knowledge Management Conference & Exhibition (‘Foundations of KM’ Track), May 3, 2010, Washington, DC, USA

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