Knowledge Brokering and Intermediary concepts

Abstract: Broadly defined, knowledge brokers and intermediaries are concerned about sharing knowledge for decision making and change.This discussion sought to explore the different terms that are used in relation to these actors and understand more about their roles and functions.In its examination of terms, this discussion pointed to a nested set of roles which expand in scope and the extent to which they are directly engaged in change processes. Each of these can be associated with a set of functions.

Fisher, C. Knowledge Brokering and Intermediary concepts. Analysis of an e-discussion on the Knowledge Brokers’ Forum.* IDS Knowledge Services, Brighton, UK (2011) 12 pp.

Copyright © IDS Knowledge Services. All rights reserved.

* This paper is an analysis of an international cross-sectoral e-discussion about knowledge brokers and intermediary actors that took place through the Knowledge Brokers’ Forum.

Link to full discussion (pdf):

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