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Hello, I have been in the field of training and development for 8 years now. I discovered knowledge management in graduate school and ever since I have been studying best practices and talking with other experts in the field. The company I work for is very behind when it comes to KM. I introduced the concept to senior executives several months ago. They have bought into the importance of KM and I am currently organizing the effort to create an organization wide program. I realize that KM isn’t a program, it is a culture. For me to change the culture, I first have to show what practices should look like.
I wasn’t hired to do this role, but it has become my dream role to have. Since I am the owner of KM at my company, I would like my title to reflect this. I want to propose to my company to change my title etc. I do not know what title to ask for however. I know that titles include Chief Learning Officer, Chief Knowledge Officer, and Knowledge Manager. Just curious if one is more typical to have? As far as looking for other jobs in the future possible, is there a title that would be better to have on my resume? Also, is there a list of typical responsibilities of a CKO, CLO, Knowledge Manager that someone could point me to?
Thanks, Darrin

Darrin Q.: Knowledge Manager Job Responsibilities. SIKM Leaders Community @, Mar 13, 2016.

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