Knowledge Management’s Relevance to Library and Information Science

Abstract: The study aims at exploring the relevancy of knowledge management (KM) to library and information science (LIS). Besides the review of relevant literature, the study has conducted an online survey of KM education programs offered by different schools of the world. An interdisciplinary approach of KM education is analysed to find its link with LIS. After a random search of KM education programs, 30 graduate programs are investigated to identify leading academic and professional disciplines contributing to the promotion of KM education and research, and also to examine the extent and scope of KM education with special reference to LIS schools. The survey finds that the highest number of KM graduate programs originated from LIS/Information Management (IM) followed by computing/engineering and business and management. The convergent course titles and wide range of KM skills and competencies clearly indicate its interdisciplinary nature. Finally, the paper explores some areas where both LIS and KM can contribute to each other and encourages KM implication in LIS education and library practices.

Md. Roknuzzaman; Katsuhiro Umemoto: Knowledge Management’s Relevance to Library and Information Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Journal of Information & Knowledge Management (JIKM) , Volume: 7, Issue: 4 (2008) pp. 279-290

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